AND packing TAPE — CASE

AND packing TAPE — CASEOffer the readers of the magazine to manufacture of plastic packing tape from the container beautiful and durable rugs. They can be put in front of the entrance door of a country house or cottage, as well as in a city apartment, for example, in the bathroom; they come in handy and in the car.

The technology of weaving is simple, reminiscent of the techniques of weaving of birch bark. From container tape it is possible to produce products more complex form, baskets of different sizes, boxes, which in the old days were made of birch bark and which were indispensable in the peasant household.
For procurement of “raw materials” I went to the flea market and soon had collected a bag full of good-quality tapes of different colors and lengths. Their width is usually equal to 1 cm (but sometimes wider), and the length will depend on the size of the Mat. Choosing a ribbon color, you can get the specific pattern.
As mentioned above, to weave these mats is quite simple. For example, you planned to make a rug with the dimensions 100×50 cm Select tape length 110 cm, put them on the floor, close to each other. Then twist the tapes across the tape length of 60 cm, pushing tightly to one another and while controlling parallelism of the resulting series. The allowance of strips along the length after manufacture of the pad is cut with a sharp knife or scissors.
Braided preform (bottom layout)
a Braided preform (bottom layout)
1. Plastic container tape 2. Cross — start netting 3. Billet Mat: extreme tape in the process can, if necessary, to take clothespins
1. Plastic packaging tape.
2. Cross — the beginning of the weaving.
3. Billet Mat: extreme tape in the process can, if necessary, to take clothespins

Weaving can be started from any working angle. Do not have to pay immediately all tapes, enough to weave ten strips both in length and width. The resulting “seed” is not falling apart and does not require additional fastening of extreme tapes. On woven tape with a length of 110 cm and thus bring the width up to 50 cm, that is, we obtain the width dimension of the future rug. Then twist a short length of tape 60 cm long, all the while firmly pushing them towards each other, without bias, and brought the length of the Mat to 100 cm
In the end, the twist produced strong enough, but the extreme tape to secure necessary bonding. To do this, in the flame of the gas stove burner heats to a red hot big nail, hold it with pliers, burn the tape, from any angle, at intervals, pressing the hardened place a piece of wood. Tape fuse together and give the netting added strength.
eyeglass Case ribbon
glasses Case of feeds
Weave case for dummy
Weave a case for the fool
Made so the rug looks good, cleans shoes, easy to clean. That such wicker products immediately attract attention, evidenced by the fact that the author has for a short time invariably “disappeared” mats that lay before the front door. In the end, not to cause temptation, Mat had to put in the hallway.
Plastic strips suitable for making and other wicker products, be it bags, Laundry boxes, seats for chairs, screens. The interested reader can refer to a variety of literature on arts and crafts with a detailed description of such works. Besides the selection of material for a rug, the author came up with the idea to use colored plastic tape, only wider, for the manufacture of sections of fences. Made oblique or direct netting, the section would look nice in the village and in the city. And the cost of such fencing would have been much less than metal or wooden.

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