COUNTRY OF PLANKSSalvation from the “charms” of urbanization, many are looking outside the city. Hurry back to rest. And although everyone dreams about staying in his own way, no one, apparently, is not averse at times to simply relax, soak in a cozy armchair.

Especially when the chair (and the original country table-bed) made with your own hands.

Tempting? Then go ahead, pull for the manufacture of such a set of country furniture. Made from natural materials, shape and color emphasizing the uniqueness of the local environment for the citizen, and our close connection to nature and the environment.
Special talents in carpentry-plumbing to make for your garden “brand” furniture is not required. And the materials? So what-what, but a few boards (and quite common sections: 22х50, 25х75 and 40х120 mm) to get at desire always it is possible. As, however, and cuts a half-inch pipe. It is possible even that the latter will fall and is ideal for a collapsible supporting structures material — bent frame or arc-eye from old discarded clamshells.
Requirements for the wood used in this case severity did not differ. Boards should be thoroughly dried. Better, of course, if they of the hard or semi-hard species of wood (larch, birch). But it’s perfect and soft (spruce, pine, Linden).
Boards are trimmed to the configuration and dimensions given in the illustrations. Are joined to each other by countersunk screws. To protect against adverse impacts and also the creation of “branded” types of wooden surfaces painted with water-resistant enamels or covered polyester (nitrocellulose) lacquer.
If the wood has defects, it is better to use the opaque coating. Painted in bright, contrasting colors lend a festive, “exhibition” (see photo). When the good texture strive to preserve the natural color of the wood: fashionable and beautiful. Sometimes the surface of wood products prior to application of the clear coatings was subjected to beating by the flame of a gas burner or blowtorch. Make a pattern more expressive.
1 — front universal (4 PCs), 2 — Board stacked seats (length 600 mm, 4 PCs.), 3 — pin (length 695 mm, the ends of thread M16), 4 — washer (6 PCs), 5 — nut M16 (4 piece), 6 — Board set-back (length 680 mm, 6 PCs.), 7 — screw 3х45 mm (40 PCs).
1 — leg-bow front 2 — leg-shackle rear, 3 — bolt M16 (2 PCs), 4 — washer (6 PCs), 5 — nut M16 (4 piece), 6 — foot-arc and the front shortened, 7 — crossbar (2 PCs), 8 — screw 3х40 mm (36 PCs), 9 — Board countertops (9 PCs), 10 — 3×20 screw (8 PCs), 11 — thrust plate metal (4 PCs) 12 — leg-shackle rear shortened, 13 — rivet 14 — coupling connection (4 PCs.).
Connection diagram table legs (relatively rotated).
Connection diagram table legs (relatively rotated).
To burn the wood evenly, lightly touching the flame to its surface. More mild summer areas year layers podpalivajut much faster and easier than autumn. The right tone is sometimes not one, but two or three passes, the flame of the burner.
And one more remark. If you burn the wood surface put a flat metal object, after firing there will be a clear silhouette light. This decorating kit is made of furniture with a personalised monogram to create interesting compositions in the decoration of the interior, etc.

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