COUNTRY PINWHEELFavorite home gardeners have always been turntables rattles, driven in rotation by the wind — they are designed to repel moles and other rodents that can damage the roots of the garden trees and shrubs. The most popular is the vane attached in front of the propeller. However, there are equally effective and at the same time more simple “burner”, who do not need the device, rotate the propeller into the wind.

Here is one of the devices, it is a rotor with a vertical axis of rotation, which blades — plastic bottles-cut them in Windows. The base of the rotor is a square bar of wood, in the centre of which is drilled a through hole, and on each of the faces by means of screws-self-tapping screws fixed screw cap from bottles. Remains to screw in these tubes in the bottle, to score in the low ground the pole to the tip of the nail without a hat and impose on him the rotor and that immediately will come into rotation, whatever the wind direction. The rotation can be substantially alleviated if you lay under the rotor is a plastic washer of material left after you cut Windows in the bottles-the blades.

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