When the master bedroom is spacious, it is possible to set the bed at the most convenient diagram — head end to the wall. This is especially important for two places: approaches to the bed from both sides, and each side can be put on the bedside table with a lamp, rationally arrange bedside drawer for bedding.

If you have a free corner with a small pier in the minds of the bed, then use the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” design, and you find that the room has become more spacious.
And all this with a built-in bed corner wall Cabinet that combines the functions of multiple pieces of furniture. The top panel is, in essence, a long open shelf on which house the lamp or lamps, alarm clock, transistor. photos and other decorative items that make your home cozier.
Located below the panel is another roomy shelf, which will also assume a lot need (to be) the subjects of the books read at bedtime.
The capacity of the Cabinet can be used in different ways .Corner Cabinet-wall is more convenient that it could serve as an addition to the existing beds, the design of which will need to make appropriate changes.
As for a makeshift bed for its production it is best to use commercially available ready spring mattresses, to the wooden frames which need only to attach the legs of the simple wooden block (this has been described in our magazine).
Considering that the day bed can serve as a sofa the mattress, it is advisable to sheathe a suitable upholstery fabric for upholstered furniture. While the visible side and the end part should be covered with decorative panels, trimmed with the same fabric.
The Cabinet, wall better to not do a single design and consisting, for example, of three separate units: the head (face) and two side. Oversight of each other, they form a corner wall.
The corner set Cabinet from the wall and the bed (And the power head; B — blocks of side;)
Corner set Cabinet from the wall and the bed (And the power head; B — lateral blocks;):
1 —door nightstands; 2 – front panel, stationary; ? loop piano; 4 — cover; 5 — back wall; 6 — cover of the Cabinet; 7 — shelf-cover tables; 8—door side of the unit, sliding; 9 — bed (spring mattress); 10 — foot; 11 – bed panel, decorative; 12 — strip foam; 13—fabric furniture.
The units are manufactured by a single scheme, although the design of each of them and there may be some differences depending on the intended functions. We consider the simplest variant, when one of the side sections with sliding doors, and the second head and perform the role of bedside cabinets. One of them fit in the morning bedding, and the bed becomes a kind of sofa, and the other in the evening, on the contrary, fit accessories sofa, soft cushions, armrests, foam pillows, plaid-blanket.
Material for such a corner Cabinet will serve as chipboard or veneered furniture boards, of which procured all the basic horizontal and vertical panels, shelves and doors of the structure.
Consider the production of the head section. Its box consists of two vertical panels, two sidewalls and horizontal tops and bottoms. For a more durable connection of the abutting panels used round plug-in thorns (nails) and screws. If the design is not expected to ever be disassembled, connections are strengthened with glue (carpentry, casein, PVA).
Under the hood is built on the same elements of a compound of the regiment, which, in turn, plays the role of a cover for the niche bedside tables. To this end, the bed frame are built in two vertical panes: the fixed lower height of the bed and attached to it with a piano hinge upper door tables.
To a closed door held securely, provided by magnetic latches. And so it was easy to open, the front edge of the roof tables are made for the proper cutouts.
The head of the Cabinet-wall.
The head of the Cabinet-wall.
The last element of the design of the head unit (and others too) is the rear wall from a sheet of hardboard, which is nailed to the frame with small nails, giving it additional rigidity and durability.
It should be noted that the head in the corner does not reach the side walls of the room, and only until the front edge of the vertical panel to the side of the block below the door cabinets open. And only cover your headunit comes to the wall — it is longer than the bottom 250 mm. thereby eliminated the gap in the corner joint blocks.
It has been noted that the side blocks it is better to collect as a separate design. This General solution is better, it allows in case of need (for example, when repairing, when updating the Wallpaper) easy to move the Cabinet.
If the blocks of a Cabinet run furniture boards, additional finishing will be required only sawn edge panels: they stick a special plastic strips or veneer PVA glue with subsequent heating iron. A panel of particle Board can be treated with stain and varnish. Wardrobe-a wall will also look great in the case of painting it with enamels of light tones.

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