So called my dad built them a simple house for rabbits. He made this Warren of wooden parts, and required metal mesh and steel latch made also by him. The roof was made of pieces of corrugated slate, freely arranged, is not fixed: due to their severity leaves lie securely; at the same time can be raised, providing easy access to the interior of the cell.

The design allows for the production versions (see pictures).

The Warren is put on the four pillars of asbestos-cement pipes with a diameter of 125 mm and a length of 650 mm (depth 250 mm), fixed at the base frame of concrete. Because of this, the ground under the slatted part of the floor can be easily removed droppings (that’s why the cage is necessary to raise the pillars). Can day and a week to do cleaning and house clean and dry. Another solid part of the floor boards, rabbits always have clean, saving for a vacation.


First rabbitry run floors. Need frame from bruskov 1080×630 mm 30×20 mm, three boards 630×160 mm thickness of 20 mm and 9 mm. Then 600x35x20 bars of bars of the same section the upper frame is performed. Connection of the vertical bars between her and the floor inside the rabbitry should not create, because all the tabs be tempted to crysania, and the fewer the better. Connecting the top and bottom of the cell, serve as wall elements from boards in the thickness 20 mm, which as a solid part of the floor, should be fitted tightly so there was not the slightest cracks.

The lattice bars of the floor are placed only longitudinally the trough: so is maintained in the support rabbit paws. The door of the house is performed with a thickness of 20 mm, back wall thickness twice or the same. Metal mesh on the front of the house is nailed in the form of a continuous canvas.

In the house to raise three rabbits from may to October. Eating rabbits is laid in the manger; from falling in a mess into the cell she is being held for enclosing strap attached just above the bottom. In the floor of the trough drilled holes that poured water when it from the ladle feeder is rinsed construction with a brush. The feeder should be not less than 450 mm in length (at least you can narrow the door).

Rabbit cage

Rabbit cage:

1 —the Foundation (asbestos-cement pipe, 4 pieces); 2—wooden paneling of the front wall; 3—mesh of the front wall; 4—upper frame of the cage; 5—roof (asbestos corrugated sheets); 6—plank side wall; 7—door; 8—feeder (without back wall).
A—gender; B—variant of the front wall


Variant cells (same size) with a side location of the trough

Variant cells (same size) with a side location of the trough:

1—plank the bottom of the front wall; 2 — the mesh of the front wall; 3—side door; 4—feeder.
A—floor cells


The main parts feeders rabbitry

The main parts feeders rabbitry


In addition to herbs from the local gardens of rabbits eaten trimming branches from trees and vines, and the falling of unripe fruit fruit all fruit and vegetable waste from home cooking and a watermelon-melon peel. Drinking water is supplied rabbits to the door of the house.

Special explanations to the presented variants of the Warren is not required: they mostly involve simplification of the structure. For example, in the front wall of the house is two horizontal boards of the three used metal mesh. Replaced complicated doable flooring of the first embodiment, the simplified: boards and bars of the floor are nailed the same — transversely of the front part of the house. But then the feeder should be arranged at the side, almost the full width of the house, and the door is located above the trough. The front part may be made entirely of metal mesh.

But maybe this choice is only suitable for the southern climate?

N. KUTIGI, Lazarevskoye settlement

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