Shelf can indeed be of such dimensions in length and height, which are required or which allows the pier, where it will be suspended — the design allows any options. If only the horizontal Board was Tselikov, because they are based regiments. Other its elements such as “ladders”. The capacity of this shelf, even if she is of limited size: the bottom can be attached and even the hooks on which will house a lot of kitchen utensils.


So, take two long boards in the thickness not less than 20 mm is the horizontal shelf elements (Fig.1). Drilled in the appropriate places of through hole with a diameter of 6-8 mm at the pins. With their help, between the horizontal elements are installed shelf vertical partitions, cut from the same Board. Below the holes for the pins at their ends and horizontal elements coincide, that is, ideally, drill them on the conductor. Its role will perform a plank with corresponding holes.
From the same Board to saw blanks for prob-senior — partitions of the upper portion of the shelf. Rounding on them it is easy to cut with electromobile. The lower end of knobs — same number of holes for pins that are received in the same way.
Composite regiment
Fig.1. Composite regiment:
1 — gorizontalnyj elements; 2 — dividing wall; 3 — top; 4 — decorative strip; 5 — lug; 6 — a decorative “double” of Navarre; 7 — Nagel
Ready-rasbury option shelves
Fig.2. Ready-rasbury option shelf:
1 — horizontal element with grooves; 2 — a vertical element with opposing grooves, 3 — lug
Technological operations on manufacturing shelves

Fig.3. Technological operations for the production of shelves:
A — sawing the curves with a jigsaw; B — drilling holes in the shelves under the pins on the conductor; — drilling holes in the conductor at the end of the finial; D — Assembly shelves on spikes-pins through the lining and hammer

For decoration on the bottom of the far shelf dividers attach the “doubles” tops — identical elements prepared in a similar technology. And in the middle shelves bottom decorative strip. For Assembly with pins used glue — carpenter, casein, PVA. Hanging shelves is carried out by means of metal lugs attached to the upper and lower horizontal elements.
However, there’s a still more simple embodiment of the shelf to the same collapsible. This partition part is not a composite, and one, as shown in figure 2. It and horizontal elements propisyvayutsya counter-grooves of a width to Board thickness and a depth of half its width. Enough to push them into each other — and the result is a strong connection which, if necessary, as easily can be disassembled. For hanging shelves in this case, the metal lugs are attached to the vertical elements of the shelf.
Since both designs used the Board, it is better not to paint, and to prepare varnish, which will preserve and highlight the natural beauty of wood surfaces. All components should be carefully processed a plane tsiklej or a piece of glass, and then sanded with emery paper a few times wetting the wood surface with water.
Before varnishing, the workpiece can optionally be treated with wood preservative. Lacquer is applied in several layers, with a swab or brush, with intermediate drying and grinding a fine-grained skin.
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary)

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