the design consists of a float with an electric pump that is lowered into a barrel of water intended for irrigation. The drive uses a mechanical “heart” washing machine “Eureka” — selectedfilter, packaged with the pump of centrifugal type. The capacity is about 2000 l/h, which will fully satisfy the owner of any garden.
The float is cut from a piece of dense foam and is a disc 0530 and in the thickness of 50-60 mm. In the center of it the grooves under the bearing bracket and discharge pipe motor-pump and through-holes under the suction nozzle and the mounting screws. To reduce the thickness of the float to bring the impeller to the water mirror, it is impossible — it needs to provide design buoyancy.
The device floating pump
Device floating pump:
1 — barrel, 2 — water, 3 — float, 4 — carrier bracket 5 — mounting bracket of the motor-pump 6, the motor — pump, 7 — protective cap 8 — grip-ring, 9 — a garden hose, 10 — supporting strap, 11 — outtake pipe, 12 — power cord 13, 15 — cuts of rubber hose, 14 — injection nozzle 16 — suction nozzle.

The supporting bracket is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and is attached to the float with three screws MB, To the vertical part of the four M8 screws screwed on the mounting bracket of the motor-pump. Suction nozzle, missed the hole in the float, extended cut rubber hose in such a way that the latter were immersed in water for 15-20 mm. Discharge pipe is connected in the same segment with a vertical outlet pipe d 20 mm, which fits a garden hose.
Motor-the pump is protected against rain cap — aluminum food bowl attached to the bearing bracket bolt with a ring head.
A ring holding structure, when you put it in a bowl.

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