GRIND JOINTSomeone with a electric drill, certainly useful attachment for grinding of parts with a large surface, for example, furniture panels, car bodies, hulls, etc.
The details of the consoles are manufactured on lathe and milling machines from materials listed in the figure caption.
The most crucial node fixture — ball joint. The main element is a shaft — hardened to 40-45 units of NKS. Of this part, terminating in a ball d of 12 mm, placed in the socket of the hinge and is closed by a brass cap. The last bearing is arranged, recruited from 12 balls, d 3 mm from the Bottom of the shaft is supported on ball d 4 mm. This design drastically reduces friction in the hub. The three-year operation showed that with periodic lubrication it is virtually no wear.
The order of Assembly of the hinge the following. The shaft cover is worn, then the shaft hole is pressed on the epoxy crosshair. At the ends of the latter are put on the internal washers, PTFE bushings, outer washers, and nuts, which are heavy-bodied paint.
Grinding attachment
Grinding attachment:
1 — the shaft of the ball joint (steel u7), 2 — crosshairs (steel u7). 3 — PTFE bushing (2 PCs), 4 — washer (4 PCs), 5 — clamping screw M5 (4x), 6 — pressure ring (steel 45). 7 — ROM (Days). 8 — socket ball joint (stapl 45). 9 — rivet d 3 mm (4 PCs). 10 — base ball d 4 mm, 11 — cover, ball joint (brass Л62), 12 —• d 3 mm ball bearing (12 PCs).

The bearing typed in the cap, and it screws onto the socket of the joint, riveted disk (reference bulb in his cell is kept lubricated).
Use the console. Of sandpaper cut out a circle with a diameter of about 140 mm, is applied to the lower surface of the disc and wrap the edges. Put on a disk clamping ring and fix it with screws M5.
The usability of the console that the drill when grinding is not necessary to keep strictly perpendicular To the workpiece. Thanks to a ball joint it is possible to reject at an angle of 40°. The disk with sandpaper still attached to the items tightly and without bias,
GUREVICH, g, Kuibyshev

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