COSMETICS FOR WALLEach house master knows that to make furniture — that’s half the battle. Another important and time-consuming stage — finish. Neglecting it can ruin any, even the most modern and spectacular design. And Vice versa: simple, but carefully made and carefully designed from the point of view of design objects pleasing to the eye. So, he fashioned for his hallway wall-hanger, I wanted to make it possible elegant, even a little fabulous.
It surprises me when some artists hide the Board under decorative film imitating wood. After all, no imitation can replace the beauty of real wood! And I decided in any case not close to the natural patterns of well-planed details, but rather tried to emphasize them.
Fig. 1. Wall-hanger.
Fig. 1. Wall-hanger.
The appearance of the wall hanger shown in figure 1. The doors are inlaid, made of thin, carefully otfugovannyh boards. Small burrs and burrs in the first stage, you can leave, because after firing and painting they disappear. To the door looked better, the boards should be wide enough, i.e. they must take on each leaf of three, at least four pieces. After the installation of the hinges and fit the place I burned folds over exactly burning with a blowtorch, and then coated them in two coats of an oil varnish. The last operation performed with the spray, but no worse and a soft brush.
Fig. 2. Section of the wall (the bottom)
Fig. 2. Section of the wall (bottom):
1 — clip the decorative loop,2 — panel, 3 — decorative nail head, 4 — pen.

The door turned out elegant, however, stenia still seemed not complete — missing elements of decoration. And I made pads on the loop of the cap under the nails and door handles with rings. The latter made of metal, and all other elements of regular plywood and then painted in black color.
Fig. 3. Pen
Fig. 3. Handle:
1 — plate, 2 — nut, 3 — ring.
Wall-hanger like and my family and guests. And when I similarly designed the front door, the whole hallway was made in the same style.
V. LUTIKOV, Ryazan

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