OPEN SHELVES SIMPLE AND CONVENIENTThe design of the rack, as can be seen from the drawings, is extremely simple: it is an open shelf mounted on vertical uprights. Assembled with glue and bolts. For the manufacture of one shelf the desired strap section 25Х50 mm length 850 mm (2 PCs), 872 mm (2 PCs.) and 200 mm (2 PCs.). They have to be placed so that the longer it was in the middle, entering into the gap between the vertical ribs, having a length of 2000 mm and a section 25X50 mm.
General dimensions, number of shelves and the distance between them is determined by the purpose of the shelving, the interior of the room and the taste of the owner.
Open rack — a workplace of the student.
Open rack — a workplace of the student.
The image above shows the version of rack that is used as the area of the student. Its three sections are linked together, are used to accommodate books, magazines, flowers and other items. In the Central section of the Desk. The lower part of the left section is equipped with a door located in the right drawers.
Working table surface size 850X1000 mm is cut out from plywood with a thickness of 10-20 mm. Wooden supporting legs are made from reek in 25Х50 mm. cross-section For rigidity, with each side reinforcing struts. After Assembly you must adjust the levelness of the table and, if necessary, cut legs.
If the area is small, it is advisable to make the table flip.
With success you can install this rack in the room preschooler. On its shelves will house all sorts of games, items for playing sports, books. To store toys serve floor boxes, equipped with rollers and a trundle under the bottom shelf of the side sections. The drawers are made of plywood with thickness of 10…12 mm and the reinforcing of the joints strips with cross section of 15X15 mm. After Assembly, all the elements of this wall covered with alkyd enamels in bright colors. On the front panels of the drawers are very nice will look hand drawn images of the heroes of fairy tales and animated films. The height of the mounting table for drawing should be selected in accordance with the growth of the child.
At the top — the simplest version of the universal rack.
At the top — the simplest version of the universal rack.
The top — variant of a simple universal rack. His racks and shelves of wooden slats section 25Х50 mm, cross — section battens 20X40 mm Connection screws and nuts.
And one very simple option open shelves in the house. As seen in the pictures above, its basis is fixed on the walls of dural profiles and arranged on the brackets. By the way, the sets of such profiles and brackets (several sizes depending on the width of the shelves) sold in stores “DIY” and “Children’s world”. Suitable for shelf boards with a thickness of 20 mm. it is possible to make them and bead strips, as it was already described. It is only important to regulate the length of the shelf with its thickness and the intended load.
According to the magazine, “Homemaker”, USA

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