FLOWER - DESIGNNo matter how popular among fans of flower beds to plant flowers, but they typically differ little from garden beds. And this impression does not save the attempt to Refine them with different bordjurchikami of bricks, savorotocnami from random pipes or, even worse, the tires from automobile wheels. In addition, these beds permanent “residence”: they can not if necessary where-that to move without being destroyed.

That is why flowers are increasingly turning to small structures on the model of the ground of garden vases, but in a collapsible form. Compared to traditional beds, they have a lot of advantages. More sweat and the ability to easily change the location depending on the circumstances. Example — a proposed Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” similar “mobile” design flower garden.
Imagine a flower bed, a broken gate or the gate of a suburban area, and you brought a car of coal, manure or sand — not to Stroget on the flowers! A small stand-alone flower garden you can always move and then return to the place. And such an aesthetically Klum would be more attractive.
The design is interesting because it is going like the children’s designer, from individual parts, giving the opportunity to the beds of the twins. If desired, different sizes and heights, from small “one-storey” to “skyscrapers”, reminiscent of the columns (which is why the design suitable for architectural solutions subsidiary nastroek on the site).
What are these parts?

Marking bruskov tzetnik
The marking bruskov tzetnik.
Bar - module

The bar module.
The Assembly of the first layer of the flower garden
The Assembly of the first tier of the flower bed.
Drilling otverstii in the pin
Drilling otverstii under the studs.
Assembling the tiered design of the flower garden

Assembling the tiered design of the flower bed.
The color of the finished flower bed

The color of the finished flower bed.
They all are similar, as twins, and even designed for a paired connection. Essentially, this is the same wooden block, repeated as many times as needed to build the planned flower bed Closer to the ends of the rods at an angle propylene grooves, allowing you to connect the bars to each other vpoldereva sequentially until then, until a closed ring is an octagon with beautiful fins of the protruding ends.
Increasing the octahedral layer for layer, it is possible to obtain the capacity desired height. It didn’t break apart at the end of the Assembly ring strung pre-drilled holes on the metal studs and firmly tightened by nuts. For a more decorative flowerbeds during the build to put on the studs after each layer thick washers. Get horizontal cracks, which not only beautify the garden, but also will contribute to the departure from it of excess moisture in times of heavy rains.
As already mentioned, the design can be versatile, because it is easy to vary its size (they depend on the length of bar module) and height (number of levels in the Assembly). For example, it is easy to make so even a compost bin, though unusual supports for the arbor.

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