GARDEN OF WATEREvery gardener knows how in the dry season is difficult to bring water for watering flower beds or trees. Many use large pots or cans with a capacity of 35-40 years, installing them on the truck. But to raise and remove such cans is not for everyone.


To significantly alleviate these operations allows design is made by me truck. Its folding frame consists of two parts — upper and lower. The can is in limbo and moved from truck to ground and Vice versa, a lever mounted on the top frame. To ensure that this moment of resistance, on the lower frame are reinforced with special emphasis. In winter, these stops can be put on skis.
Trolley for cans
Trolley for cans:
A — transport position B — filling the cans at the pump; drain the water

V. BEZRUKOV, Vyazemsky, Khabarovsk Krai

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