LADDERS, BUT WITH STEPSSomehow, helping Ivan Andreyevich, the old man at seventy plus, to refurbish the ladder in the cellar, I noticed how difficult it is for him to come down, foot on the crossbar was shaking without any support under the heel and toe. Especially when in the hands was a load of potatoes, and especially bag. “There would be steps, — he was justified, noting my sympathetic glance, and then like a chicken on the roost.”

This served as an impetus for further modernization of the ladder. The idea is simple — nail the other side of the stairs, another series of the same rails, and each of the resulting pairs of beams to provide a stepping stone out of the Board.
So Ivan Andreevich did. He sawed from a block of wood the same diameter as the crossbar of the stairs, alternates to them, and while I was trying them on, and have prepared themselves the step. Further work went sporo: we imposed on the existing rails of the procurement steps so that they took a horizontal position, and on the other side of the ladder propped up beams-doubles and nailed them. After “Makar” in the whole series, then nailed the steps. Ivan Andreevich has risen on him as in his youth, surely and easily, and was very pleased.
Streamline ladder
Streamline ladder:
1 —front; 2— beam; 3 — beam parallel; 4 the step.

Since second harvest launched the stairs into the cellar — it is perfect. Only at the bottom rung broke off the edge.
I think that our experience will serve as an example to many, because the ladder is very common and is used not only in the cellars of the da subfield. It is necessary on an attic-loft on the roof to get fruit from an upper part to collect — use ladders. And with stairs it is easier and safer. Especially for the older generation.

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