REPAIR COMFORTABLEMotorists asked to get a shallow pit that allows you to perform repair of machines sitting. Energy and materials it takes much less than in the arrangement of any ie “polnost governmental” counterparts. And work convenient. Is a mini-pit in two parts: a sump with a slanted end (it falls under the car) and depth, equipped with mortise seat. Wall recommend to impose with a brick. If there is roofing iron, it is quite possible to do the lining and out of it in the form of a welded box construction. Not the best option (but more affordable) is to dig a wooden stand with a subsequent interior wall boards, plywood or plastic. But the bottom (if there is no soil water) can be left in excavation without any coverage.

At the entrance and setting the vehicle on the repair end of the viewing of the mini-pit will experience a considerable burden. So they need to strengthen. First, a strong frame, cook it from a steel angle 70×70 mm and setting at the place where the walls are lined. Second, extensive pavement, filling voids under the frame and on the edges of the holes with cement mortar with aggregate — broken brick. In addition, the perimeter to attach the U-shaped structure welded from steel angle 40×40 mm, which will serve as a support removable decking boards with a minimum thickness of 40 mm.
The seat is semicircular, with a slight tilt back so less tired. The back of wooden slats with a thickness of 20 mm and a width of not more than 50 mm. is Acceptable here and the skinny metal mesh with subsequent coating with cement mortar (layer thickness not less than 50 mm). The insert is executed wooden, insulated with soft padding and covered with leather.
Viewing the mini-pit in the garage
Viewing a mini-pit in the garage:
1 — bottom; 2 — facing of walls; 3 — seat; 4 — bottom depth; 5 — seat; 6 — frame welded; 7 — bearing flooring; 8 — concrete pavement; 9 — deck removable.

Viewing a mini-pit in the garage will help to reduce the repair time of the vehicle. But it can be equipped in the yard. And to protect from rain cover on top of the hardwood flooring wrap or a special visor, pressed tin.

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