WHO WINKING OWL?Check if we have enough skill to quietly steal up to the owl. This attraction is very easy to do, and a young handyman and his friends it will take many minutes. Let’s start with the stand 1. It should be cut out of the Board thickness of 25 mm on the dimensions shown in the drawing. The 2 bottom corners nailed or glued to the bottom of the device to enhance the battery 3336.

The contours of the “owls” 3 drank out of plywood with a thickness of 5-10 mm or of thin plates. And at the bottom, and “owl” drilled holes, as shown in the drawing.
Other details for the attraction. “Shotgun” — a wooden handle and a copper bare wire with a thickness of 5-6 mm. the Wire is passed in the handle, and one side is soldered thereto an insulated flexible transactions. The helix of the circumferential wire without insulation with a diameter of 3 mm. One end deepens into a Foundation, and another is passed through, and it too is soldered transactions leading to the bulb. “Eyes” — light bulb of the flashlight, inserted in a homemade ammo (cut copper wire, wound on the base of the bulb). An electrical circuit must be carefully soldered out of pieces of insulated hook up wire.
The scheme is collected, we begin to “hunt”. Try to thread the stud gun into a spiral and get to the “heart” of the contact in the center of the body of the bird. If you do not strike on the way no one turn, the light on the base will flash — “owl” caught. If you were careless — bright light will light up the eyes of alarmed birds.

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