ELECTRONIC The proposed electrosurgery, I am sure, will find its rightful place in the kitchens have gas stoves, when the ignition of the gas burner appliances and other devices with the “blue fuel”. It is convenient and trouble free. It can make for a night or two, pre-armed with a small piece of one-sided foil fiberglass and a minimum of inexpensive and common parts. A faithful guide to action will serve as a sketch of the printed circuit Board and Assembly drawing.

The conductors of the PCB’s made by removing excess foil with a knife, a drill or chemical etching. Installation is carried out by solder-side conductors, by providing radio equipment subject to conditional image on the semiconductor diode and the body of the thyristor.
The principle of operation of the lighter based on the cycles of charge-discharge of capacitor C1. This happens when pressed (for time t<5 s) the SV1 button.
During the positive half cycle of steps network voltage capacitor C1 is charged. Through resistor R1, diode VD1 and the primary winding of the transformer T1. And when entering the negative half-cycle C1 is discharged. But through the open thyristor VS1, VD2 diode, the winding I of the transformer.
T1 — enhancing. In its secondary winding is induced a high voltage the voltage that causes arcing in the gap between the electrodes of the spark gap E1 and ignites the gas.
The transformer is performed on 20-mm segment of the ferrite rod of circular or rectangular cross-section with m=400…2000 (from the magnetic antenna of any radio). Wrapped around the rod two or three layers of adhesive tape, he wound up on sections (6×90 turns) secondary winding wire of PEV-2 0,06— 0,07. This is perhaps the most important operation. Wrapping high-voltage winding of two layers of an insulating tape with subsequent impregnation of it with paraffin or epoxy resin, are transferred to the next operation is the winding of the primary winding of only four turns. Do it over high-voltage. Wire uses the same brand (sew-2), but more with a diameter of 0.4 — 0.5 mm.
Ready step-up transformer is placed on the PCB. The terminals of the windings are soldered to the respective printed items.
A feature of this electrostatically is that the printed circuit Board also serves as the supporting structure of the entire product. As the material grounds is used a one-sided foil fiberglass 2 mm thick. in the manufacture of printed circuit boards need to make sure that the wires going to the spark gap (which is — spaced from each other and separated by a special notch printed items), did not reach the tapering end of the Board by 1.5— 2 mm and that the protective gap is sure filled with epoxy resin, extruded for bonding insulating lining (glass fiber thickness 2 mm).
Spring contact, the button is made from strips of brass or phosphor bronze with a thickness of 0.2—0.3 and a width of 6-8 mm. the button — from any insulating material, such as Plexiglas red color.
Electrical schematic lighters
The electrical circuit of the lighter.
Circuit Board with indication of the position of radio components
A printed circuit Board with indication of the position of the electronic components.
Assembly drawing e
Assembly drawing e-matches:
1— printed Board; 2 — a lining of insulation; 3—transformer T1; 4 — capacitor C1; 5 — button switch; 6 — contact spring; 7 — diode VD1; 8 — resistor R1; 9, a resistor R2; 10 — диодVD2; 11 — thyristor VS1; 12 — the case.

The body of the lighter glue a sheet of polystyrene of a thickness of 1.5 mm. you Can, of course, to use another suitable material.
In the final version of the working part of electrostatically it is recommended to paint with black ink. Especially that last well on the surface, quite fire-resistant and does not delaminate in use.
And again. Design an electronic “match” is such that does not require special debug, even if the passive elements of the circuit will have a variation of ± 40% of the reference values.
As S1, the author used the condenser type K73-17. But can any other, designed for a voltage less than 400 V. the Resistance — MLT or similar types with a capacity of not less than 0.25 watts. Semiconductor diodes — КД105 with any letter at the end of the name.
Full insulation of high-voltage circuit from all the others, protection of metal parts insulation case (lining) make this a useful device is completely safe to use.
V. CHURYAKOV, Tashkent

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