PANEL-SETChildren, living room, office, bedroom… How many rooms in the apartment?
One! — according to our regular contributor and consultant Victor Strashnov. Thanks to them the closet-the wall from universal furniture set in on the magic transformation of your home will need just minutes.
You enter the room and it was empty. Only the Cabinet wall. First question: where is the table, chairs, bed? What to take, where to rest? And then, as on wave of a magic wand, the interior is transformed. Separated from the Cabinet one plane, the other — there is a table, open the side doors — and now the chairs are in place… So a small room small apartment youth residential complex (yrc) or family dormitories can be transformed into a living room, bedroom, study, finally, make room for the kid games…
How to do all this? Before assembling the universal wall Cabinet, choose the most convenient place for it. Typically, this end of the room, so the width of the Cabinet will dictate the dimensions of the corresponding wall. In modern homes room width — 2800, 3000, 3200 mm, sometimes more.
The wardrobe should be designed into four or five separate sections, which would “hide” two beds, working or dining tables, shelves, etc. Here will be a place for clothes and personal belongings.
Design wall folding bed allows you to use the old sectional furniture, wardrobes and separate boards. It is quite possible to assemble a skeleton from wooden bruskov section 25X50 mm: those that are adjacent to the walls, ceiling and floor mounted rigidly on the dowels. The front panels of all compartments made of plywood 10 mm thickness with additional stiffeners. Suitable chipboards, covered with decorative foil, furniture panels with veneered surfaces.
Folding bed. The main item that requires special care in manufacture and must have maximum reliability is the design of the hinge of the folding bed. From his work depends on the ease of transformation of sleeping places. With a wall cupboard bed connected by hinges with ball bearings. To facilitate its raising and lowering a counterweight constituted of metal plates, hung on a short headboard (the headboard). Legs are two folding boards attached to the bottom hinges. They’re removing the couches from the wall fall in a vertical position, that is, become pillars, and at harvest take its place at the bottom. It is permissible to use a spring shock. He slowly “releases” bed in a horizontal position. This pipe, which moves in the spring. To one end thereof welded to a rod or tube of smaller diameter mounted on the end wall of the bed bracket or bolt. To change the position of the bed (vertical or horizontal) the required hinge. It may be an ordinary metal pipe that connects the wall of the Cabinet housing beds.
Fig. 1. The room plan with combined wall, the
Fig. 1. The room plan with combined wall, “bedroom”: the folding bed is lowered to the floor.
Fig. 2. The bed section of the Cabinet.
Fig. 2. The bed section of the Cabinet:
1 — mezzanine 2 — rear wall, 3 — bed in a raised position, 4 — hinge, 5 — a counterweight.
To the tenant of a small room (apartment) was able to select the optimal design universal wall-Cabinet, another approach the folding bed. Its body is pivotally attached to the side walls of the Cabinet with the long side. In this case, the floor area occupied by the tilted double place, is reduced. To rotate the bed is applied a joint or pipe, which was mentioned earlier.
Fig. 3. The room (in plan) with the evening unfolding of the wall.
Fig. 3. The room (in plan) with the evening unfolding wall: lowered bed, opened the door side sections, the tilted countertop with brackets.
Fig. 4. Solution-bed sections with a longitudinal double bed.
Fig. 4. Solution bed sections with longitudinal double bed:
A diagram node the bed in a lowered condition, the B — version of the working area.
The table, chairs. In the afternoon, when the bed is tucked away in a closet, room used as living room. To the outer surfaces of the Cabinet (to the bottom of the bed) attached to furniture panels forming when folding them up the dining table. Supports them are the swivel brackets of steel rod Ø 5 mm. Side of the Cabinet doors to store extra folding tables are constructed on this
same principle. Chairs may also be foldable and to be in the closet although the dimensions of the side sections allow to put there and regular chairs.
In another embodiment, on the side of the door, in addition to tops, also hung a small shelf. Support countertops here, except the metal bracket, the shield is raised to a vertical position from the bottom section and lockable with special top eye; bottom Board has a piano hinge. If necessary to increase the surface of the table before he leans back lifting the second half of a wall then the metal bracket unfold under her.
V. STRASHNOV, architect

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