A SUMMER SHOWERWhen the device of the summer garden shower, individual developers do not always find a technically correct solution to this is not such a difficult task. We will tell you about the most rational designs and will give some practical tips on construction. They will be useful not only in the construction of shower, and Central heating systems and hot water in individual homes.


Device and equipment


Nice, comfortable shower consists of a cabin for cleaning, water heater, one nutritional and two pressure tanks (cold and hot water), manual pumps, water supply system, mixer, shower head with grid, drip tray-water intakes, discharge pipes and pits for waste water.

An important condition in the construction of the soul — the choice of location. Shower is advisable to place at the end of the plot, away from home, in a fire-safe place. You need to consider the possibility of supplying water and the device concrete suction well for stock. Near the pit makes sense to place the compost pile in order to use the DPJ of its moisture is drained from the shower water.

Fig. 1. Diagram of the soul with the natural circulation of water


Fig. 1. Diagram of the soul with the natural circulation of water:

1 —heater;

2—rising circulation pipe;

3 —downward circulation pipe;

4—pressure tank hot water;

5 — connecting pipe;

6 — pressure tank of cold water;

7— overflow pipe;

8—pressure pipe;

9—hand pump;

10—feed pipe;

11—nutrient tank;


13— hose for washing feet;

14—the wooden grille;

15 — pallet;

16 — drain pipe with a water slide;

17—collection of drain water;

18 – cover;

19 — drain system

Fig. 2. Simplified shower (hot and cold water is poured into the pressure tanks manually)


Fig. 2. Simplified shower (hot and cold water is poured into the pressure tanks manually):


2 — hot water valve;

3—supply tank;

4,5—pressure tanks of hot and cold water;


7—hose for washing feet;

8—the inlet;

9—the drain tube with a water slide;

10 — collection of drain water;

11 — cover;

12 — compost

Figure 1 shows the scheme of the soul. By the manual pump 9, the system is filled with cold water up to the level of the overflow pipe 7, and Then melt the water heater 1 and adjusted the water temperature to 70 — 80°C (to heat the water to a boil unnecessarily — you will only be formed scum). Hot water ascending tube 2 will go into the tank 4, being replaced by the descending pipe 3 is more “heavy” cold water coming also from the pressure tank 6. The better such natural circulation, the more uniform and faster heating. If a manual pump, no water in pressure tank 6 can be filled by a bucket ladder. Overflow pipe 7 then do not necessarily.


Shower should be simple on the device. Minimum dimensions: 1×1,25 m shower compartment, and 0.8 x 1.25 mm — boiler. Height to ceiling is enough to have a 2.2 — 2.3 m. the Cabin is set on a concrete or brick Foundation, made in the shape of a rectangle. Area concreted with a slope toward the drain pipe (6). On top of the pallet (15) is placed a wooden lattice (14). Pit of soapy water, located outside the shower enclosure needs to be large enough — not less than 200 liters. The bottom and walls it is desirable to make the concrete so that water is not absorbed into the soil and do not erode it. Practice shows that unfortified walls would crumble straw. Soapy water you can take in an earthen pit, but filled with compost. Usually for bathing in one person 40 — 50 liters of hot water. For a family of three, the performance of the heater shall be 120 — 150 liters per hour with water temperature output 40°C. This heater is also useful for warm water irrigation of vegetable crops in early spring.


Water heater


Effective work of the soul depends on the design of the heater. On sale are hot water column of different types, which are quite suitable for these purposes. However, gardeners often find themselves engaged in the design and manufacture of devices for heating water. Prototypes can serve the hot water boilers manufactured by the industry for mobile medical and veterinary units. Consider some of the types of such heaters, suitable for self-repetition.


Water heaters are the fire-tube, water-tube and combined. In the simplest water heater (tanks, drums, etc.) heating surface serve as the bottom and the side wall. In fire-tube boilers the furnace is located in the large diameter pipe surrounded by a casing. Between the pipe and the casing circulates the water.

The flame tube can be vertical and horizontal. For heating liquid or gaseous fuel through the injectors, creating a long flame shock, more suitable for horizontal water heaters. For wood fuels with high yield of volatile substances is a preference for vertical variants having a higher furnace. In areas with hard water the inner surface of the heaters must be periodically descaled. There are two ways of cleaning: mechanical and chemical. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For the Amateur gardener is more convenient and safe mechanical cleaning method. But thus it is necessary that the surface was available for such operations. Figure 3 shows an embodiment of such a convenient heater. Case cover after unscrewing the bolts removed and all surfaces can be cleaned with a scraper or other simple devices.


Fig. 3. Water heater water-tube type tent


Fig. 3. Water heater water-tube type tent:

1 — antique collector bottom;

2 — flame manifold top;

3 — the block of heating pipes;

A 4.5 inlet fittings.

The heater is compact, easy to manufacture. Firebox and ash pan are laid out of brick, the casing and the flue pipe is metal


Fig. 4. Water-tube heater with internal furnace



Fig. 4. Water-tube heater with internal furnace:

1 — manifold to the cold water supply;

2 — collector hot water outlet;

3 — vertical coupling rude;

4 —yoke curved tubes.

Fuel is burnt in the space between the pipes. The lower ends of the curved tubes serve grate



Fig. 4. Water-tube heater with internal furnace


Fig. 5. Coil heater with natural circulation of water:

1 — manifold to the cold water supply;

2 — collector hot water outlet;

3 — pipe (race pipe);

4 — casing;

5 —grate (angle steel);

6 — the furnace door;

7 —a cinder

Water heaters, fire tube type (Fig. 3) have a small convection heating surface, so the hot air temperature is still very high at the output of the tube. For use of heat of exhaust gases in the main water-heating collectors uvarivajut unit additional heating pipes with a diameter from 40 mm to 100 mm (the smaller the pipe diameter the more of them). In this way considerably raises the efficiency of the installation.


In water-tube heaters, the water circulates through the tubes located inside the furnace. With a small footprint they can have a large heating surface formed by straight horizontal, vertical or sloping pipes and coils of various configurations.


Coil heaters are the most simple to manufacture. However, a long coil with small diameter tubes with little water pressure created by the tank, impedes the natural circulation. Therefore, these water heaters are equipped with a pump for creating a forced circulation of water. There are water tube heaters without forced circulation of water. Their design is more complicated, but it pays the lack of pump. Some variants of such heaters are shown in figures.

Tubes for their manufacturing seamless or gas. In the manufacture of the most simple water heaters are of straight or curved tubes. Harder combo design. Is not very difficult to manufacture fire-tube water heaters from thin sheet steel. The choice of appliance should be decided individually. You should note that combined fire-tube and fire-tube water-tube water heaters have a surface temperature equal to the temperature of the water, and therefore less dangerous in the fire relation.




A few words about the structure of nutrients and water tanks. Quality you can use a steel or wooden barrels and similar containers. The volume of culture tanks, it is desirable to have at least 100 l of water; they should be kept closed so that water is not polluted.


Pressure tanks hot and cold water should contain not less than 50 and not more than 150 — 200 l: excessive capacity will require long heating. Not to clog the system, part of the water precipitated in her impurity remains at the tank bottom sediments are periodically drained into the pit.


For protection against corrosion of metal tanks krasivaya paint. Outside — black, absorbing the sun’s rays; on a hot day the water in these tanks is heated quickly to a comfortable temperature. The end of the suction pipe, attached to the hand pump and all pipes for hot and cold water tanks inside the pressure shield meshes (filters), total passage section of holes which should exceed the flow area of the pipe. For this purpose you can use common household strainers or shower heads.




A few maintenance tips garden soul. Prior to use, the whole system is filled with water. Then melt the water heater. Is strictly prohibited to first melt it and then fill with water. If the water heater is designed for forced circulation, and through it continuously pump water hand pump. When the temperature in the hot water tank reaches 60 — 80°C, the furnace quench and stop the flow of water In water heaters with natural circulation to heat the can until until they use up all the water in the pressure tanks.



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