SHOVEL-DUMPERIt would seem that so simple a tool is the shovel, that to change it or to improve its design is hardly possible. Yes, the handle of the bayonet – that’s the device. However, there are many variations of this quite ancient agricultural (and not only!) guns. And the search for its modernization continues. Including – and our readers, as evidenced by the below letter.

For those who often have to take the shovel, you want to bring a gift, dedicated to the eternal our holiday “exempt from payment” country labor. But first a little background.

SHOVEL-DUMPERBeing in the country and hopelessly digging up kitchen notorious 6 acres, and with a sick spine, cursed it all. Suddenly came up with a nice, in my opinion, the way out of the situation. Rescued by an ordinary rope. They found that if you tie it to the stalk in the center of the bayonet sideways and wrap around a handle, you can turn serious, but voluntary country physical labor in a useful and pleasant experience, comparable to bodybuilding.

For example, you take this loop in your left hand, make one turn around the shaft counterclockwise, and the right hand take the top of the cutting. Now after the traditional penetration of the shovel to bring down the right hand stalk right hand, left hand, pull the rope, and when the shovel with the ground will rise – just loosened his grip with his right hand. Under the weight of the reservoir and under the action of the twist rope loop shovel she turned, fetched the land. Used the half-restored by rotation of the handle with the right hand 180°.

If you have a shovel with zastupovat arm, ½ turn to work harder, but the loop in this case will serve a good service, freeing you from having to bend down after each penetration.

The method is particularly recommended for people with bad backs, as it excludes any bending.

Yes! Dig – be sure to wear canvas gloves – after all, not always you dig, long and corn stuff.

Seriously, I shared with you quite a lot of experience A. ZISKO, Belgorod.

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