It is suitable for dachas and garden houses; can be used in field conditions. The design was approved by all who used it for several years. Usually summer shower is a box on the frame of the four pillars on which is situated a tank of water. Because of its weight — increased requirements to reliability of such fixed structures; to withstand the water tank lightweight design will not. Besides, to fill water tank without water is quite difficult, especially for elderly people.

We offer shower devoid of the above disadvantages. It does not require special facilities, can be mounted anywhere. Water is just from a bucket or canister with membrane pump. The bucket is enough to set slightly above the pump, for example, on the stool.
The pump is driven by foot. Water it receives from the bucket on the principle of the siphon — gravity. Shower “rain” is interrupted at any point and resumed as needed, because to supply water during soaping is not necessary.
Lightweight frame the soul is mounted on a large basin of galvanized iron. Its walls are screwed two brackets, in which are inserted two racks of duralumin tubes. Stands — ring holder film the fence (you can use gymnastic Hoop). As fencing uses two conventional roller blind for the bathroom with the regular pendants-clothespins. The bottom of the film hangs in the pelvis.
Portable shower
Portable shower:
1 — galvanized pelvis; 2 — pump; 3 — bracket (2 PCs); 4 — (2 PCs); 5 — bucket; 6 — suction pipe; 7 — stretching (2); 8 — blind (perimeter); 9 — ring holder shutter; 10 — shower head; 11 — bracket shower head; 12 — pressure hose; 13 — drain pipe

1 — case (steel); 2 — the valve bar (steel); 3 — sitak (steel); 4 — nozzle (brass); 5 — Bush (steel); 6 — gasket (rubber); 7 — valve (rubber); 8 — washer (rubber); 9 — “piston” (ball); 10—winding (nylon thread)

On the bottom of the basin put the crate of wooden slats. It is set the pump is coupled to a medical hose with a shower head on the end holder.
When the data size of the shower covers an area of about 1 m2. Due to the fact that blinds close washable from all sides, he is not afraid of drafts; inside you will find a microclimate determined by the temperature of the falling water. Therefore, the shower can be installed in any
BOM place, especially as the spray beyond the blinds do not fly. After bathing, a shower can be taken apart, a basin to use for washing and other household needs, and racks hidden in the corner, a curtain roll, a ring to hang on a nail in the pantry.
For normal cleaning just one or two buckets of warm water. With the end of the season, a summer shower comes to the rescue and in apartment with all facilities — off hot water. It can be used for car washing, strengthening as the tip of the hose corresponding brush.
I. KOVALEV, Zhitomir, Ukraine


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