THE CEILING... ON THE WIREThe ceiling today has become a familiar element of the interior and in the office and in the home living room. Want to offer a simplified method of finishing the ceiling lining, which does not require a rigid frame and nails. The ceiling in the literal sense of the word hangs over my head on a conventional wire or cables. As can be seen from the drawings, the suspended ceiling can be of different forms. The easiest option is to mount only the cables on the walls. Sealing fasteners must be absolutely reliable: in the main wall to do this drill a deep hole, where vmurovyvayut durable anchor; interior wall light type drill through and use a long anchor bolt or threaded stud.

To adjust the cable tension applying threaded turnbuckles. But if the bearing element take the wire, it will involve a couple of twists, with which you can easily pull it up.
For hanging boards to the wire using a simple fastening element, something resembling a safety pin. These pins will need a lot, so for their making doing simple device — a steel plate with three pressed into her steel pins.
Technology of production of “pins” to the next. With the help of pliers on the end of a piece of wire to form a ring, wear it on the lower pin fixture and the wire is bent first around the top pin, and at the end of the process — around the second lower pin. For the first two or three samples specify the length of the wire, and then nerubay the required number of wire pieces and start manufacturing pins.
Preparing siding for suspended ceiling consists in cutting the required number of blanks, drilling in them mounting holes, sanding boards “skin” and double the coverage of their PI-noteks desired shade.
Options suspended plank ceiling
Options for suspended wooden ceiling:
And with four attachment points of each cable (wire); B, two points; three points.
The lights on the ceiling are shown conditionally.
Bracket cover ceiling mounting pins

Mount ceiling mounting pins:
1 — support (wire or rope); 2 — the pin; 3 — lining (lining).

Anchor for fixing the flexible supports
Anchor for fixing the flexible supports:
1 — a wall with a hole for the anchor; 2 — a bolt with a diametrical hole; 3 — rubber sleeve; 4 — nut; 5 — a washer.
The commit order of trim panel mounting pins

The sequence of fixing the sheathing of the mounting “pins”:
A — “pin” flexible support; B — compression of the pins; — the introduction of the pins into the mounting hole of the Board; G — Board consolidation flexible support.

Fixing wire supports in the anchor
Mount the wire support in the anchor:
1 — anchor; 2 — wire; 3 — hinge; 4 — twist adjusting.

A device for the manufacture of pins
Device for the manufacture of pins.
The installation of the suspended ceiling is extremely simple: the ends of the pins compress and insert into mounting holes in the Board and install latest in place. This operation is repeated until then, until the whole ceiling of the room is hidden behind a false wooden trim.
I must say that in this way it is possible to cover not only the ceiling but also the walls of the room. The only difference is in the way of cables or wires which are fixed on the walls, not two, but at least at four points in order that the lining is not “played”.

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