SIEVE... FROM the SUNSun is always welcome. In the city, and especially when trips to the countryside. But, guests sometimes you want to retire. From the sun — also, when too much is in exhausting hot summer day. Looking for saving shadow nook somewhere under the canopy of trees. However, not every country area there is a spreading crown, giving a welcome coolness.

Polish magazine “He zrobi” proposes to construct a simple tenebreuse structure — a pergola. It is a lightweight grid structure, which in itself scatters the sun’s rays, and serves as a light frame for the translucent green canopy of climbing plants.
Externally, it resembles the pergola is an unfinished building — a rare stand support does not cover the ethmoid roof. However, nothing more is required: between the uprights is stretched a number of ropes or wires and raised them the creepers lace form a green wall that will cover from the wind, and the sieve of a roof with the tops of the plants will protect from the burning rays.
Although the construction and light weight, it still requires a reliable base — buried in the ground concrete columns. They are molded right on the spot: in pre-dug pits laid cement mortar with a core of rubble or broken bricks. It is desirable that the top of the column a few towered above the ground, which the mouth of the pit should build a kind of box without a bottom.
In started to thicken solution on the axis of the column is inserted into the metal seat. This section of steel strip having a bottom forked shank, and the top bolt holes for connection to the uprights of the pergola.
Top racks with the two sides clamped longitudinal joists, nailed. The length of the lag must be calculated so that in the case of matching their joints were near the bar.
The “Roof” of the pergola:
1 – front, 2 — slat crates, 3 — longitudinal joists.

1 — column foundations, 2 — foot.
Node connection strut (1) and the longitudinal lag (2)

Node of the connection strut (1) and the longitudinal lag (2).
Node connection strut (1) and bearing (2) with the bolts (3) and nuts (4)
Node of the connection strut (1) and bearing (2) with the bolts (3) and nuts (4).
a fragment of a pergola in the collection
fragment of a pergola in the collection.
One of the pillars of narholi Assembly
One of the pillars of narholi Assembly:
1 — front, 2 — fastener, 3 – bearing, 4 column Foundation.
Glide rack

Seat in the stand.
Throughout the length of the joists at equal distances propisyvayutsya grooves — a strip of sheathing, which is prepared by the same counter: with their combination get the connection lock that does not require any additional hardware.
After Assembly the whole structure remains to be taut between the uprights a rope or wire; number of rows is arbitrary and more dependent on them for climbing plants.
For protection of wood constructions it is desirable to cover with drying oil or, even better, oil paints quiet or, conversely, bright colors.
From plants for the green tent will fit the traditional ivy or hops. You can also use a receiving lately increasingly popular with summer residents and gardeners lemongrass (it will also increase vitamins) or clematis wild grapes or familiar to all from childhood village bindweed.
The dimensions given on the drawings are mostly estimated as largely dependent on the location and specific purpose of the pergola: she may be a romantic gazebo and summer kitchen, and Parking, and decorative track corridor from the gate to the porch of the house.

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