TABLE - KOSTRYCHA“The smoke of a fire creates a cozy atmosphere”, says the tourist track. Bring the magic of an open flame unites and unifies the audience by the fire people. In this sense, on a country site nor the grill, nor outfitted summer kitchen can’t compete with a simple campfire that you’d like to sit down young people and parents, and the neighbors come to the evening light. Conversations, jokes, soft soulful songs…

But the fire is near housing requires increased caution. Pushing on your small area for a fire in a specific location, we decided it properly equipped. The result was not just a fireplace, and a comfortable table around it, which was nice to sit and drink sweet tea.
Due to the fact that the site is small, campfire place was ten meters from the cabin. For safety and convenience the following has been done. First of all on a dedicated patch of removed sod layer — turned recess, the edges of which have obvorovali the removed turf. In the center laid a small concrete slab and built of brick on cement mortar, which was named the table-a fire pit. Provided channel-trap that goes from one of the walls of the table to grate the actual campfire. Wall and he was futerovki refractory bricks in clay mortar. In the corners diagonally mounted two metal stand-trees, connected by a horizontal metal rod for hanging a kettle or pot. Upon termination of a laying surface of the brick table was plastered and lined with cement mortar.
1 — enclosure table 2 — under the fire-pit, 3 — grill grate, 4— trap, 5— niche, 6— stand, 7 — the base plate 8 to the ground.

Like any table, it will easily fit everything you need for a tea party, its dimensions are quite satisfactory — 1,5×1,5 m. In the walls of the table provides a niche where you can store everything you need to start a fire and care for table and fire pit (wood chips with bark, rags, shovel, etc.).
the table height is small, it seats around it serve stacked with three sides in cement sticks logs. Behind them on a raised embankment Piglet planted currant bushes and gooseberry, they are good protection from the wind. From home fireplace separated the fruit trees. It remains to add that the patch has drainage, so that even after a heavy rain the water quickly comes down and he soon becomes dry again.
The fire not only proved to be a great place to stay, but also helped to solve some economic problems: the possibility to dispose of various wastes and trash, which after burning become good fertilizer for our crops. Adapted to use it to get rid of plastic bags, plastic bottles. Not to clog the fireplace, hung over him all this “packaging” in tins (can be adjusted and an old bucket). Contents perfectly burns even after the wood in the fireplace had gone out. One is bad: the resulting ash is considered to be harmful to plants, so we take it and bury beyond the site.
Table-fireplace successfully served us for ten years.

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