STOVE FROM A JAR...Steel sorokametrovoy a can (or jar) over time rust begins to leak, making it not suitable for storing not only food, but water. It is a pity to throw out, and not suggest. Because of the old jar you can make a good oven-“bourgeois”. However, for such a “metamorphosis” will need some more stuff, but about them later.

Back to the flask. Near the neck using a chisel, cut a small Crescent-shaped hole, which will serve as podduvalom and the bottom — hole nozzle.
The very same pipe as the chimney with the cap, it is easier to get ready. Although if you want these items, you can perform most of the conventional roofing iron.
Snake the grate is bent from a steel wire in diameter of 6 mm. Slightly squeeze the sides, it is passed through the pipe inside the future the furnace with further stretching to the size required for optimum combustion of fuel. The installation location is determined experimentally.
And became the canteen
Was the canteen “stove”:
1 — jar 2 — trap, 3 — ring, prop (steel, pipe 1/2″, 2 PCs.), 4 — burner (wire rod Ø 6,) 5 — fitting (iron roofing), 6 — pipe smoke, 7 — strut (steel, strip s of 1.5—2), 8 — a cap; and — section of the radiator (size and quantity — place of installation).

Future “stove” equipped with two rings-feet of half-inch steel pipe. Curve taking account of the diameter of the jar is a fundamental principle of the improvised furnace. And straightened the ends of the pipes will serve as guarantors of the stability of the whole structure. The role of the latch, excluding the offset of the rings-the supports relative to each other, the spacer made of steel strip thickness 1.5—2 mm.
To bake longer held warmth, her body can impose a brick. And for quickly heating the room to equip a metal radiator. In particular, sectional. One of the acceptable options section, also shown in the figure.
“Stove” is useful everywhere, where there is no other source of heating, more comfortable devices for drying clothes and shoes. For example, in hozbloke in the garden, in a makeshift sauna or have not equipped properly the country. The costs of time, forces and means of manufacturing such furnaces is minimal, but the result is…

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