TRACER-CERTIFICALEThe second bread is often referred to as potatoes, thereby emphasizing the critical importance of this culture. But the complexity of cultivation, especially in individual sites, it is far not on last place. Especially if all the work done here the old fashioned way, without any mechanization. To make the gardener’s life is designed by me designed the device, which simultaneously performs two functions: tracer and planters. Seeing the art project at work, neighbors one and all, longed to have the same (boost, by the way, almost three times the productivity in the trace-landing) or equivalent for personal use. Only here to satisfy that request is not possible: no now I have neither the time nor the appropriate materials. But there are sketches in which (see Fig.) anyone can personally to make this accurate (and the main thing — quite efficient) a copy of any “mechanical wizard”.


It is easy to see that the proposed design — the design of welded water-gas supply pipes. She has two ycoordinates and telescopically dvigaysya bracket and three markers that can be securely clipped into any of the provided for that the provisions with fixing screws. On top of that in the upper part of this design includes a welded sleeve, in which by means of a clamping bolt M10 fixed tubular strut. Branching at the top, the latter forms two arm stops at the end of each.
Telescopically mating parts and components allow not only relatively easy to adapt the device for certain specific conditions (for example, to set a desired step in the trace-planting), but also to make subsequent disassembly for easy carrying and compact storage.
As for the fabrication of the design, all here, as they say, without significant features. Blanks serve segments of steel water-gas supply pipes and a 1.5 mm steel sheet (STZ) corresponding (see Fig.) sizes. Welding properly customized parts being butt-welded. Seam — continuous, with subsequent grinding on the sandpaper.
The layout of the tracer-planters
The layout of tracer-potato planter:
1 — base (water or gas pipe 60×3, length 565 mm), 2 — the tip of the cone (for the scan of the sheet St3 thickness of 1.5 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — housing, AMCO Converter (tube 60×3, length 100 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — marker (tube 21×2,5, length 250 mm, 3 PCs.), 5 — bracket marker (tube 21×2,5, length 330 mm, 2 PCs.) 6 — bushing-guide (tube 27×3, length 65 mm, 2 pieces) 7 — bolt M8 fixing (3 PCs.), 8 — nut M8 (weld, 3 piece), 9 — hub weld-on rack (tube 27×3, length 120 mm), 10 — stand with arms (pipe 21×2,5), 11 — bolt M10 clamping, 12 — bracket dvigaysya (tube 54×2,5, length 560 mm), 13 — cap-limiter (2 PCs.)
Scheme with tracer-planter.
The scheme of work with the tracer-planter.

The proposed development is not possible to adjust the distance between the cloth— after all, such a device inevitably would entail additional weighting of the whole structure. For the rows of the selected optimal, from my point of view, proven option. Well, if someone does not fit, so not worth anything Anesti appropriate adjustments are presented on the pages of the magazine sketches and to make a tracer-the planter with the distance between ycoordinates that the best way to arrange the particular manufacturer, user.
Now — about the use of technology in our mechanical assistant. Pulling the cord (only for the first row, then it’s no longer needed), start the trace-landing. The jigs keep both arms slightly bent at the elbows. Setting it so that the first acoobrowser was off the peg, and the associated praay marker was right on the cord, push the right leg on the pipe-base to the place marked on the illustrations of broad arrow. The plot appears a couple of holes for planting potatoes and three marks. Two oil booms as guidance for trace-Posada the next row, and the front — like a pilot-signal for a new (regular) installation mechanical assistant. Then again, there is a pressure foot (or stepping), resulting in formation of new holes (holes) for planting potatoes.
A business is usually moving forward so fast that working together with the “operator” helpers barely have time to throw the potatoes in the resulting holes with simultaneous filling. After completing the first pass, turned around and working as successfully perform a second run, focusing on the marks left by a pair of side Makarov. (Though the operator can not unfold as you would back away to continue working.) Then follows the third stroke, the fourth… through to full completion of planting potatoes on the plot.
Further work — even if it is just weeding, though hoeing or harvesting is also easier: because all the rows, that is, on the Ticker. Especially if we will have appropriate mechanical AIDS of a type original hand cultivators, plows-Hillers, any kind of kartoffelsalat. Their description and sketches were published in the pages of “Modeller-designer”, revered (as probably many other samadarshini) in early childhood.
M. VALUY, Chernihiv region.

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