UMBRELLA ON WHEELSWhen the dacha is not a permanent gazebo for relaxing on a hot summer day, the only salvation from the scorching sun – a great “beach” umbrella. The obvious advantage is that the umbrella can be installed in any place where you want to organize the area where you made a table with chairs or just lounge. To set this umbrella just stuck deep in the sand his shaft – and even the wind will not need any additional fortifications or stretch marks. And on a country site it will not work, especially if the ground is specially prepared – sprinkled with gravel, tile or asphalt.

Therefore, under the large sun umbrella is usually made portable metal or concrete base, a massive base with bushing for the shaft. So the umbrella fell down and the wind was stable, the base should be heavy enough. However, this complicates portability. It would seem, this contradiction is difficult to find any optimal solution. However, it is.

The German magazine “Praktik” offers to make the cap not portable, and mobile… with small wheels. Of course, you can install them on the already existing base, but it’s better to make an improved version, the ebb it out of concrete.

What will it take? A bit of cement, half a bucket of sand, same gravel or any small stones and two wheels from an old hand truck, metal rod for the axle and the two segments of pipe with an inner diameter suitable for the shaft of the umbrella.

Boards closely welded to the formwork. It at a certain angle laid Board, through which the future of the cap is formed a bevel. Here in the formwork hits the pivot-axis so that its location was equal to the radius of the wheel. The preparation of the forms under the concrete pour ends.


Mobile base with umbrella

Mobile base with umbrella:

1 — awning; 2 — shaft; 3 — the sleeve of the umbrella; 4 — cap; 5,9 — wheels; 6 — axis; 7 — bushing on the handle; 8 — handle for transportation

Casting of basement

Casting cap:

1 — base; 2 — formwork; 3 — axle; 4 solution; 5 — bushing shaft; 6 — Bush cutting; 7 — mortgage Board under the bevel of the cap


Preparation of solutions

Preparation of solution:

1 — sheet of plywood or sheet metal; 2 — a mixture of sand with cement; 3 — shovel: 4 — bucket; 5 — solution


On a sheet of plywood or sheet metal layers of poured sand and cement. Both in the ratio of 1 part cement to 3-5 parts of sand. Stir everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass and shaped in the form of a mound with a large hole in the middle. Into the hole while stirring water is added and cooked thick viscous solution. They are two-thirds filled formwork, and the solution is recessed a small amount of gravel or small stones.

At the same time the solution set of the bushings from pieces of pipe: one vertically under the shaft of the umbrella, the other inclined— under handle for transportation of the cap. After two or three days, when the mortar has hardened, you can release the cap from the casing and to mount the wheels.

Thanks to the special design, the base in a stationary position fixed, as it relies on the platform throughout its bottom plane. Moving it is not difficult: in the inclined sleeve is inserted into the handle, with his help, the cap is lifted, whereby the bearing goes on the wheel and the base can be rolled to the new location.

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