WHEN THE AREA IS SMALLIn a small room is the interior for a family of three people (Fig. 1). Bookcase 19 and the case 10 is divided the room into two parts: primary and secondary. In the main provides everything for a normal life of parents and a small child. The top shelf of the rack 19 and podii 6 you can take for various objects and books. On the bottom shelf if you’ve loaded the music area, will fit well here and portable TV. 3 folding table used as dining or written. Z-beds, if they move, turn into a comfortable wide bed. Better to buy them without armrests, otherwise two adjacent armrest can be removed. A cot from the main part separates the curtain 2. On the lower shelves of the rack 19 is placed on children books, toys.

Very often under the sill there is a free place — place there are shelves for different things. The purpose of the items of the auxiliary parts is clear from their names.
Types B…E precise design interior and will help to choose acceptable option. The material used is usually wood, boards, slats, boards, chipboard, plywood, pine, Linden, birch. Finish surfaces to perform better in a known manner: sanded, stained relevant solution for painting in the right tone, lacquered. Details of chipboard to hang with veneer or plastic foil that imitates the wood surface.
As you can see, the humble square meters did not prevent well-equipped room, providing the necessary functional facilities. Moreover, this circumstance has stimulated the search for rational solutions to ensure normal conditions of life. The success was predetermined by a correct understanding of the purpose of housing and a sense of proportion.
Some of these decisions can find a place in a Studio apartment. A sketch version of the interior is shown in figure 2.
Light colors hallway visually widen the space. Here is the hanger 9 and the mirror 10, which also contributes to the effect of expanding space. Over the door kitchen — 11 shelf for rarely used items.
Figure 1. Layout Studio interior
Figure 1. Layout Studio interior
Figure 1. Layout Studio interior:
1 — cot, 2 — blind-“partition”, 3 — folding table, 4 TV, 5 — a chair-bed, 6 — shelf, 7 — bra 8 — a stool, a 9 — floor area with carpet, 10 — closet-case, 11 — kitchen table 12 — wall Cabinet, 13 — table, 14 — stack, 15 — wardrobe 16 — refrigerator, 17 shelf, 18 — curtain, a 19 — rack, 20 — convert the crib with your baby.

The correct functional organization of the common room allows you to create on a relatively small area includes areas that meet the diverse needs of family members. There are places meant for relaxation, watching television, entertaining guests. Seats 5, 6, grouped around the coffee table 3, form a cosy area, the number of seats can be increased, revealing one of the seats 5. A night this side of the room turns into a bedroom for the parents, and chairs-5 beds become a double bed. The purpose of the wide walls 4: here wardrobes and linen storage compartments, cupboards, bar. Part of the shelves are busy reproducing apparatus, receiver, TV.
Another part of the room separated by a bookcase and a curtain 8 2, is suitable in the daytime for games of the child, and in the evening to sleep just by closing the curtains and extinguish the overhead light. The curtain should be of thick fabric calm currents.
Complete composition of the Palace, he will visually unite objects of the Central part of the room.
The principle of multi-purpose and used in the kitchen: for example, the folding table 12 releases the area. The bathroom for the same purpose, have a wardrobe full of 18 and 19 where you can put many items needed in everyday life.
Fig. 2. Option plan for a Studio apartment
Fig. 2. Option plan for a Studio apartment:
1 — cot, 2 — curtain-partition, 3 — coffee table, 4 — wall, 5 — a chair-bed, 6 — seat, 7 — bra 8 — the rack 9 — peg, 10 — mirror, 11 — shelf, 12 — folding table, 13 — stool, 14 — the fridge 15 — tall Cabinet, 16 — wall Cabinet, 17 — kitchen table, 18 — rack, 19 — regiment.

In conclusion, we can say that it is also necessary to choose the right combinations, with the appropriate color, you can expand or reduce the space, make the ceiling higher, zoom in or zoom out the wall. Color has emotional impact.
Successfully picked up combination will smooth some flaws. Depending on the location of the room stop a cold blue and lilac colours, if the room is on the South and West sides, and a warm yellow-orange tones when Windows facing North and East. Complicated layout for the color green, especially lime; it is absolutely contraindicated the predominance of black and red colors.
E. PETROV, engineer-constructor

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