VELOKART ORLENOK“Eaglet” designed and built in a circle “Young technician” Vitebsk oblsud. It is intended for initial 0бучения driving preschool and primary school children in avtogorodok. Organically combining the advantages of map and bike “Eaglet” has good stability and handling, good speed, and also involves simple design, and low noise.

For the manufacture of a Cycling card would not require a special or rare materials and details: the suitable cutting of steel sheets, tubes, rods, abundant bearings as well as components, from children’s bicycles.
The base of the frame — longitudinal carrier beam length was 1400 mm. Ø 60 welded thereto a rear axle with a length of 600 mm, the ends of which are slightly tapered for easy attachment of plugs. The whole structure is strengthened by a curved tube Ø 30 mm.
Front axle pipe Ø 60 and a length of 500 mm. the Ends are also tapered and welded the knuckles and the middle of the axle — sleeve, designed to swivel with carrier beam.
The wheels are from bicycles. They are installed in a makeshift forks, bent pipe Ø 25 mm All forks are plates with grooves for the axles of the wheels.
Steering consists of a steering wheel, steering column, tie rods, and struts. The first is made from the steering wheel of the car “Moskvich 402”. To adjust the control to suit the height of the column driver is configured extensible: its tube has a longitudinal groove, and the rod end tooth of a metal strip width of the groove. The position of the wheel to the fixed side clamp.
Fig. 1. The Layout Of The
Fig. 1. The Layout Of The “Eaglet”:
1 — front bumper. 2, 9 — cat’s eyes. 3 — steering column 4 — brake lever, 5 — side clamp, 6 — device indicator, 7 — call 8 — number plate, 10 — brake light and turn signal light, 11 — rear bumper. 12 — sprocket of the intermediate shaft. 13 — intermediate shaft 14 — bearing housing. 16 — tensioning sprocket. 16 — front fork, 17 — front axle. 18 — pull adjustable steering, 19 — turn signal.

R and p. 2. Dimensions a EuroVelo map.
R and S. 2. Dimensions a EuroVelo map.
To the bottom of the tube is welded by steel plate 70Х20х5 mm with hole for bolt adjustable turning traction.
The steering column rotates in two bushings-bearings. The lower bushing is attached by welding to the plate of rectangular cross section, the upper the plug located on the tube Ø 30 mm.
The front bumper is made out of the headboard. With the bumper welded to the two pipes — they are OK mounted to the front axle.
Transmission EuroVelo map: pedals taken off of a Bicycle “the Schoolboy”, is welded to the steel plate with two grooves for tensioning the chain and installed ia longitudinal support beam. Chain tension via the star node is connected to the intermediate shaft (steel rod Ø 20 mm) and mounted on the frame in bearings. On the tips — stars from children’s bikes, fixed by bolts, which in a shaft drilled to a depth of 5 mm.
Seat our Cycling card cut on the tank of the washing machine (you can, of course, be applied to the wall and its made of fiberglass). To its base riveted two metal strips with the bolts. When Assembling the bolts enter the grooves of the bracket of the seat that allows you to adjust it to suit the height of the driver.
Fig. 3. The frame design
Fig. 3. Frame design:
1 — the emphasis of the steering column. 2 — axle the front axle. 3 – bracket-plate lower bushing of steering column. 4 — the installation location of the pedal 5 is longitudinal load-bearing beams. 6 — front Desk 7 — plug upper bushing, steering column. 8 — curved pipe, 9 — rear fork, 10 – rear bumper 11 — rear axle, 12 – bracket seat. 13 — brace, 14, 15 – holes for mounting of intermediate shaft bearings.

Fig. 4. The structure of a brake
Fig. 4. The structure of a brake:
1 — brake lever 2 — rocking. 3 — pull, 4 — brake column 5 — the brake shaft, 6 — shaft support, 7 — spring.

Electric on the Cycling card is designed to develop young drivers skills in the use of signals provided by the rules of the road. The bulb front and rear turn indicators are powered by six elements 373 and switch two-position toggle switch on the steering column. Brake light works from the switch connected to the brake lever. Brake — manual, mechanical, rear wheel drive.

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