THE PARTITION TO MOVE? EASY!Many Housewives often want to change the layout of his apartment. Now building new buildings to fulfill this desire is quite real: the architects of advance lay in their projects the possibility of alterations at the discretion of the beneficiaries. However, it is not difficult to do in older homes, as in most of them the internal partitions are not load-bearing and light from a thin-walled panel or gypsum blocks. To perform such work is not difficult – more difficult to get them accepted in the relevant regional interdepartmental or architectural organizations. Their expert Committee should confirm that your dream, for example, to go from the kitchen to the dining room, not through the corridor, and after you have done separating them, the wall of the arch will not violate the requirements of applicable building, sanitary and technical and operational regulations for residential buildings.

But when these obstacles are overcome and you’ve got not only relevant documents but also with the necessary tools and materials — execution of planned works you will have to consider not only technological recommendations how to do it better, but restrictions on the use of equipment and tools, which must not exceed the regulatory permissible level of noise and vibration or lead to water leakage to adjacent rooms, neighboring apartments and the formation of cracks in the walls or ceilings of the building. If you have considered it, is to keep in mind that the “noisy” work can’t be done in a weekend (especially holiday!) days and in the evening after 20 hours or before 8 am.

Now you can safely proceed with partition (of course, if you are sure that inside it there is no wiring). After completing all of the above, with the sort of wall you will cope easily, especially wood. Using the drill or brace prepare the required holes, and then work any krupnouzlovoj saw.


Openings in walls

Openings in walls:

A — stepped doorway from the kitchen to the dining room; B — interior arch

Delineation of the future of the opening with a drill

Delineation of the future of the opening with a drill


Cutting out the gaps between the holes

Cutting out the gaps between the holes


Of rebar cutting block with a hacksaw

Cutting rebar with a hacksaw unit


Block the doorway, prepared to sawing

Block the doorway, prepared to sawing


Branch of the block opening

Office of the block opening


Are somewhat more difficult to gypsum partition with steel rebar inside. We should observe the sequence of operation. First, delineate (outline) the next hole. The perimeter of an electric drill with a drill bit maximum diameter of drill solid row of through holes. Well, if the drill has a switch to percussion-drill mode — this will accelerate and facilitate the work with strong material. Between the vertical rows of holes need to go through several horizontal rows, as if sharing liquidated array into separate blocks. Now with the help of chisel and light hammer or a big hammer to smash the gaps between adjacent holes, receiving continuous slit, exposing the steel reinforcement. If it’s just a wire — it will be able to saw with a file or hacksaw; if the rods need elektroinstrument with grinding wheel, known to builders as “Bulgarian”. These works are from top to bottom, gently separating and removing each cut block (preferably two, given its considerable weight).

So, the opening ready, we process the edges in accordance with what it is: just a door or an open archway.

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