CONVENIENT SOLDERING IRONThe soldering iron is any homebrew. But those who have to deal with modern electro – and radio equipment, this tool is something special. And the requirements for it are quite hard: with small size, low supply voltage and low power consumption to ensure the excellent quality of soldering. And with the maximum comfort, including temperature controller soldering tip and a stand with a tray under flux solder and tinning.


I was very satisfied with the domestic electric soldering iron of APSN-40/40 with a homemade multi function stand. Made sure: everything works is not worse than advertised foreign counterparts, although the cost is minimal. And materials for soldering such a complex the most that neither is available.
Textolite on the basis of a fixed rack, bath, elements of the temperature controller. In order to use heavier construction transformer 220/40 V (weight not less than 1.5 kg, the power given the efficiency -50 VA) applied condenser lowering the supply voltage. Moreover, the values of C1 and C2 chosen so that the “extra” 175 “eaten” capacitive resistances, and the load was applied up to 45 V. To provide adjustment of the power supply are in parallel with the shunt soldering iron chain R3VD1R4.
Decreasing the resistance of the variable resistor RZ with a simple turn of the knob “Temperature” voltage positive half cycle is partially reduced. The same nominal value of R4 is chosen so that, when the minimum value of RZ into the load did not exceed 35, while the maximum is 45 C.
Multi-function soldering iron with stand
Multifunction soldering iron stand:
1 — electric soldering iron of APSN-40/40: 2,15 stand (steel sheet s1.2); 3 — bolt М3х6 (2); 4 — washer (2 PCs); 5 — nut M3 (2 PCs); 6 — tin casing; 7— the handle of adjustment of temperature; 8 — the plug (250 V, 6 A); 9 — leg (rubber sheet s6, 4 PCs); 10 — resistor, MLT-0,5 (220 ohms, 2 PCs); 11 — capacitor MBGO (160 V. 30 UF. 2); 12 — bracket (steel sheet s0,8); 13 — bathtub (dural Lis bi ,5); 14 — base (textolite sheet s6); 16— resistor variable PPB-15G (470 Ohms); a 17 — rubber Bush (2 PCs.); 18 — a bolt М4х48; 19 — washer (2 PCs); 20 — nut M4; 21 — bracket (steel plate 50.8 mm); 22, a resistor PEV-10 (20 Ohms); 23 is a semiconductor diode КД202К; 24— М3х6 screw (10 PCs.)

Circuit diagram of temperature controller soldering tip
A circuit diagram of a temperature controller soldering tip
Resistors R1, R2 are used to discharge the capacitors after switch off. Together with the other radio elements of the scheme enclosed in a tin protective cover. The housings of the capacitors are isolated from each other and from the metal mounting brackets with several layers of cable paper.
Handle temperature control — standard plastic (e.g. from an old radio), and the rubber legs can be adapted pharmacy cork (from bottles of penicillin), attaching them at the place of installation glue “88”, “Moment”, etc. Wire basic soldering iron soldered directly to the connection nodes of the capacitors with resistors.
B. POVALYAEV, head of club syt, EAEC, Lipetsk region.

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