PORTABLE WORKBENCHWhat should be the bench? Of course, durable and easy to use! However, many, in addition to this, note the compactness and the possibility of quick disassembly, as not all fans polotical have at their disposal a workshop or utility room; urban residents often have to settle for a balcony or loggia. I hope that my design collapsible workbench will appeal not only easy to use and storage, but also ease of manufacture.

The main construction material — planks and boards from solid wood (birch, oak).

Four identical boards size mm 25x150x740 pairwise connected by screws, forming two “t” legs. Four bolts connect them at the top of the long lateral boards of the same cross — frame bench is ready. Greater rigidity in the longitudinal direction defines the given width of boards, and in the cross — support stands made of boards section 50X50 mm. sections of rails of the same section are used to support desktop workbench, formed of two boards section 50×150 mm.
Focus on the edge of the working Board will help in the work plane.
The crossmember of the frame can be used for tool storage: I have this shelf and bar with cells under chisel.
Portable workbench
Portable workbench:
1 — support desktop (50Х50Х300 mm), 2 PCs, 2 front frames (25Х150Х740 mm), 2 PCs, 3 — the clamping bar (30х40х100 mm), 2 PCs, 4 — crossbar frame (25Х150Х1350 mm). 5 — tool holder, 6 — bolts M8 (10 PCs.), 7 — feet (25Х150Х740 mm), 2 piece, 8 — weight (timber harvesting), 9 — screws 5×60 mm (in.). 10 — support leg (50Х50Х450 mm). 11 — emphasis (25Х50Х100 mm), 12 — working Board (50Х150Х1700 mm), 2 PCs, 13 — bottom shelves, plywood (5Х105Х800 mm), 14 — Board shelves (25Х50Х800 mm).

For greater stability of the bench place on the protruding rear parts of the support struts extra cargo, better timber.
Almost all compounds bearing structural elements — bolted. This allows you to almost completely disassemble the figure, which is convenient for transportation and storage.
A possible and partial disassembly: to promote a total of 8 bolts, can be removed from the frame a working Board and strut mounts. In this form, the bench does not take up much space, but if necessary, will be brought into the working position for a few minutes.
V. SHISHLO, Kuibyshev

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