WARDROBE WITH RADIATORThe Idea of this cupboard gave me your magazine. In one of the rooms published design window of the refrigerator and the vegetable box in the window sill niche. I liked it, and I did something similar, but with some alteration: combined vegetable drawer with a decorative grille for the radiator steam heating. A similar design is raised and to the living room, only here with a grate adjacent bookshelf.

Cabinet dimensions are dictated by the very niche and accordion radiator, so shown in the drawing are indicative. Step slats on the grille is selected at random. Rack, top panel and shelves suitable boards or particleboard, connected by pins or metal parts.
The decorative sheathing may be performed as a single panel with holes of different configurations, especially in the kitchen option, as it will blend in with the closed vegetable compartment. In the version for living room is possible in any combination in the design of compartments and shelves radiator grille and closed shelves, perforated panel and open shelves, panels and doors and so on.
Drip closet
top box:
1 — rack. 2 — crate radiator, 3 — pane upper, 4 —shelves.

Finish — at the discretion of the owner; the only caveat: in the case of using the details of particle Board they are on environmental requirements must be painted or varnished.

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