No metal or plastic boxes for storing bread offered by the industry, do not go to any comparison with wood. The latter and more environmentally friendly, more durable, and more elegant, and better keep rolls and loaves fresh. And proposed by the Polish magazine “Melody technician” wooden structure still and combination: it combines the functions of not only the bins, but the kitchen shelves. For bread storage is the lower, closed part, which is a box with rising front wall. Above are two open shelves with a low heel-fence. Shelf-ware convenient that takes up almost the place in the kitchen, as it is hung on two hooks on the wall.
Shown in the drawings, the structure is made of planks. It can also be made of thick plywood or a combination of these materials.
Two downward extended sidewalls, they made the grooves for the movable front wall of the bins. The bottom part has shelves the same length, but wider than them, in line with the bottom of the sidewalls. Backs-the fence — also the same length but vary in height: if the top shelf is, in essence, just a bar, then the lower fence is the top panel of the rear wall of bins.
1 — side panel (2 PCs), 2 — back wall 3 — back-fence top shelves, 4—shelf, 5 — bottom shelf, 6 — curtains (polyethylene film, canvas), 7 — bottom 8 — front movable wall.

Preparing holes of the sidewall (section
Preparing holes of the sidewall (section “A—A” and “B—B” conditionally turned):
1 — drill (drill equipped with a depth gauge), 2 — bar-conductor, 3 — side, 4 — side with the “patch” groove, 5 — plywood panel, 6 rail.

Between all the blanks are connected round plug-in thorns or just nails or screws.
Other features of the design visible. these gures. You can add just a few technological tips. So that in the bread of the continuing need for air circulation at the bottom of the shelf edge adjacent to the back, bore (e.g., large round file) ventilation holes (not shown). At the same time that circulation was not excessive (otherwise the bread will become stale quickly), and also, for hygienic reasons, the gap between the bottom shelf and the front wall of the bins is closed by a soft canopy of plastic film or linen canvas slouchy on the front wall.
Because the bread bin is designed for storing bread, it is not necessary to paint the shelf. Better subwords careful handling of the parts before Assembly alternately to warm them over the flame of a gas stove (or blowtorch) to impregnate preheated vegetable oil (e.g., olive): it will highlight the beautiful natural texture of wood and protects it from moisture.
And about the order of Assembly. The first connect side panels with shelves and a bottom, and then set backs. Obstruction can cause grooves in the sides — however, the figure shows a simplified version of their education with the help of invoice elements (plywood and battens).

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