WOODEN BLACKSMITHLiving in the age of technological progress, a wide range of machines and tools, we sometimes underestimate the technical ingenuity of our ancestors. Meanwhile, they used mechanisms and adaptations in design is surprisingly simple and rational.
The article by S. Razumov “Spit not afraid of stone”, reminded me of an interesting device that I saw as a boy in a village in the Leningrad region.
Usually a crooked or blunt scythe is ruled by a hammer on the anvil: one is uniformly strikes the blade, the other gradually advances when the actions of both must be accurate and consistent.
A simple “machine” — the whole, with the exception of the hammer and anvil of wooden components — simplifies and accelerates the work.
Sturdy frame is mounted on the wheel-the flywheel is driven in rotation by a winch of the type well. The edge of the wheel is equipped with a bound in sheet metal teeth.
1 — anvil, 2 — hammer, 3 — axis hammer, 4 — frame, 5 — pruzina, 6 — tooth wheel 7 — wheel 8 — gate.
The hammer is attached to the vertical rack frame using the middle of the handle so that its end interacting with the teeth of the wheel during its rotation forced the firing pin to strike the anvil.
Under the upper beam of the frame is fixed spring — elastic strip of wood, connected with the free end of a hammer handle (it serves to increase the force of impact).
Partner remains only to rotate the winch wheel, the hammer will hit more often, and referential work go faster.
Possible further improvement of the mechanism: installed drive motor, replacement hardwood, metal springs and to reduce friction on the handle of a hammer you can put a roller or bearing.
The dimensions of the structure elements depend on the size of the hammer, the force and frequency of strikes.
M. SHKLOVSKY, Leningrad

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