WINDSURFER... WITH PADDLESBoard sailing has gained enormous popularity. More reservoirs in the summer “bloom” her bright triangles. However, in calm weather, the wind and their sails are on the coast are mostly idle. And then athletes should remember about one more wonderful kind of water sports — rowing.

Recall that rowing health effect is not inferior to such sports as walking, running, skiing, swimming, Biking, aerobics. It even more strengthens the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body. This is a great exercises for the joints. Consistent tensile load on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints; smooth, increasing pressure on all departments of the vertebral column is especially useful for athletes windsurfers.
So we offer you the description and drawings of devices that can turn any windsurf Board in the sports of rowing the ship, collected from the hull of a sailing Board, collapsible oars and a rowing device.
The propeller device weighs about 8 kg. it is Attached to the housing Board through chertovy and stepsaway wells; consists of a sliding seat, an emphasis for feet of the rower, stands with oarlocks, raskreplennye with stretch marks and a fastening system to the body of the Board.
No alterations of the hull of the windsurfer when you convert it to the rowing option is not required. Installing and disconnecting is very fast, within 5-7 minutes.
Fig. 1. Board sailing oars
Fig. 1. Board sailing oars:
1 — body of the sailing Board 2 collapsible oars (2 PCs), 3 — rowing device Assembly.

The Assembly of the rowing device is carried out on two duralumin pipes: long and short, serving as the basis for fixing the longitudinal struts and ties (the seat rails). On the long tube base ends attached to the rack rowlocks. The latter are inserted into the holes of the wooden panels-bosses. The force from the oars is transmitted through the oarlocks and stretching to the ends of the longitudinal links. Themselves oarlocks rely on the lugs using steel washers.
Fig. 2. Rowing device
Fig. 2. Rowing device:
1 — large bearing cross member base (tube D16T, Ø 32X2 mm), 2 — front oarlocks (tube D16T, Ø 40Х1 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — longitudinal connection-a guide seat (tube D16T, Ø 25X1 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — front (tube D16T, 40Х1 mm Ø, 4-piece), 5 — upper cross member (tube D16T, Ø 25X1 mm, 2 pieces) 6 — spacer (tube D16T, Ø 16X1 mm, 4 PCs.) 7 — seat (GRP), 8th gate (tube, stainless steel. Ø 10X1 mm, 2 pieces), 9 — washer (Ø 20X10 mm, thickness 2 mm, steel stainless steel. 2), 10 insert (oak, beech, 2 PCs), 11 — foot strap (nylon. 2 PCs), 12 — low bearing cross member base (D16T, pipe Ø 32X2 mm), 13 — insert stepping the mast (D16T), 14 — the mount of the propeller device to Sortovala the well Board top (D16T, thickness 3 mm), 15 — the mount lower (D16T, thickness 3 mm) 16 — pin (oak, beech), 17 — pin М6Х180 (steel stainless steel. 2 pieces) 18 — nut M6 (4 PCs.), 19 — М6Х45 bolt (2 PCs), 20 — nut M6 (2 PCs.), 21 — bolt М6Х30 (3 pieces), 22 — M6 nut (3 pieces), 23 — bolt М6Х45 (8 PCs), 24 — nut M6 (8), 25 — М6Х20 screw (4 pieces) 26 — M6 nut (4 PCs), 27 — stud М8Х40, 28 — nut M8 29 — М6Х45 bolt (4 PCs), 30 — M6 nut (4 PCs), 31 — a screw 5X30 (2 PCs), 32 — sleeve (tube D16T, Ø 30Х1 mm, 2 PCs.). Items marked with an asterisk, are made in accordance with the design svetovogo and stepovogo wells sailing boards; H — thickness of the sailing Board.
To plastic or fiberglass seat attached with screws nuts bushings — they seat slides in the longitudinal relations, which, in turn, fastened by cross members (duralumin tubes with tapered ends).
The racks in the lower and upper parts have recesses on the diameter of the pipe. With these pipes they are connected by bolts. A well-fitting connection of this type are very reliable.
For fixing toes of the paddler at the rear crossmember by bolts and nuts to fasten leg straps. The heel of a rower rely on the deck of the hull of a sailing Board.
Mount the propeller device to the hull of the Board is carried out through chertovy the well by means of a metal strip having in the middle part of the curve for the pipe diameter of the base. She, in turn, is attracted by studs with nuts through the bar to the deck and bottom. On the strap screws fixed wood insert, locking the entire structure.
Additional fastening of the rowing device is performed through stepsaway the well of the hull Board to the liner steps mast stud and nut through a small tube of Foundation. Depending on the design of fastening of a mast to the hull boards the node may be different.
For the manufacture of oars will need duralumin tube Ø 36X1. 5 mm length 1700 mm wooden insert arm and the blade from the kayak paddle.
Having made this simple rowing device, you will get great pleasure from walks, rowing on the mirrored surface of the pond in calm weather. Board under the powerful strokes swiftly slides on the surface of the water. And as passengers can ride on Board little children. They are in awe of these walks. Don’t forget to wear your life vests!

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