ON THE DIAGRAM OF THE WEDGEThis double, the saloon car is undergoing testing. Its main units and components taken from production cars and motorcycles: engine power systems and equipment, as well as wheels from scooter “Tourist”; dampers front and rear suspensions from a motorcycle “Java”; a steering mechanism from “Zaporozhets”; rear brake of the scooter “Electron”.

The vehicle frame is welded from steel pipes Ø 45 mm and a wall thickness of 4.5 mm. At the center of the bracket front of it entrusted to a glass, it has two tapered roller bearings is rotatably mounted rack with fixing points of the engine and two wheels. Stand is made of the same pipe, and frame.
The vehicle has a lightweight frame made of duralumin angles, which are riveted panels of alloy AMG (AMC). Body covered with four layers of fiberglass, impregnated with epoxy resin ED-6.
In profile, the body shape resembles two wedges connected by the bases. The silhouette has a low aerodynamic resistance. In the flow of the incoming air flow front section is pressed to the road than preventing the separation of the wheels from the ground.
In terms of body type also has a wedge shape with a tapered front part. This gives the car a rapid view, and fully consistent with the design of the chassis, the layout of major components and assemblies.
In front, the hood covering deep notched cutout in the engine Compartment to access the engine cooling air. The hood is painted in a color different from the color of the body is creates the impression of lightness of the front end.
The layout of the car
The layout of the car:
1 — bonnet, 2 — damper, 3 — drive wheel, 4 — rear, 5 — steering wheel 6 — seat, 7 — panel, 8 — external frame 9 — arc security.

1 — engine, 2 — fuel tank 3 — gear, 4 — steering wheel 5 — frame, 6 — suspension rear wheels.

Cooling air intake the engine is a large tapered hole is oval in the front of the hood. For ejection of warm air in its upper wall made of the slit-blinds.
The body has a side door openings. The role of ‘Doors perform removable handrails-belts. In an improved variant of the door will be sliding, hinged along the body, as in the bus “Ikarus”. The levers of the hinges with the doors closed can be used as armrests.
In the rear, directly behind the seat backs and between the wheels, there is a place for Luggage. Access it through the door at the rear opening upwards. It is made of Plexiglas with a thickness of 6 mm. Loop and the bottom panel with lock attached directly to the glass.
On the perimeter of the body covered by the outer enclosing frame with broad longitudinal bars. It is fitted with a security arc from square tubing with cross-section 28X28 mm, lined panels out of sheet aluminum.
Profile of the body.
The profile body.
External frame with arc security.
External frame with arc security.
All of the elements of the outer frame are attached to the supporting frame of the machine and serve to increase security. Longitudinal bars placed lights, in addition, these bars protect the sidewalls of the body from excessive splashing.
The presence of arc security emphasized color panels in orange color than the primary blue color of the car. The slope of the arc in a direction opposite to the movement, strengthen the momentum of its profile.
In General, the presence of the external enclosing frame with arc gives the impression that the body is as though inserted in them. This emphasizes its enhanced security.
Back to the main frame trailing arms hanging from the rear wheels. Design all nodes normal.
Looks more sophisticated front suspension. To the front of the frame is welded to the housing intermediate gear with two axles, on which the swinging suspension arms. The drive to chain, since it is most suitable for parallel arrangement of the shafts of the engine and the wheels. The last independent to each other, what is the best shotgun delivers traction with the road surface. A simpler version with a single axle wheels in this case were not good, so as with chain drive, an invalid axes misalignment.
For compactness, the intermediate shaft transmission is mounted in the bearings located inside the axle of the suspension arms. Small sprocket in the middle part of the shaft (from the back of a motorcycle “Java”) and sprocket with 28 teeth on its end seated on the slots. The torque from the engine is transmitted to the intermediate Vah, chain. Tension it is governed by another star — stretch mounted on a bracket that moves along the rack.
Further, torque transmission is carried out also with chains connecting the sprockets of the intermediate shaft with the sprockets of the wheels (from the rear transmission scooter “Electron”).
Here, on the free end of the intermediate shaft, mounted disc brake. Preload the brake pads to the disc, manual, cable. Brake also used as Parking with a separate driven lever located between the seats.
The wheel turns with the engine when rotating the rack the steering mechanism through the tie rod and control arm, welded to the rack. The steering mechanism is attached to the crossmember of the frame with three bolts. For greater rigidity in the upper part of the steering shaft is installed sleeve, attached to the base of the instrument panel through the rubber cushion.
The steering wheel is made with one knitting needle, bent in such a way that it springs under axial displacement of the wheel, for of risk of injury at. Under it is a gear shift lever associated with the mechanism providing the switching speeds independent of the rotation of the engine.
1 — engine, 2 — swivel stand, 3 — joint rod end, 4 — absorber, 5 — clip disc brakes, 6 — oscillating arm suspension 7 — wheel 8 to the sprocket wheel shaft, 9 — the big sprocket of the intermediate shaft 10 — small sprocket of the intermediate shaft 11 is suspended a star !2 — output shaft of the engine, 13 — carburetor, 14 — disc brakes, 15 — muffler, 16 — frame vehicle.

Another was the muffler. In comparison with the standard it has a smaller length, but larger diameter and consists of not one, but three series-connected spherical cameras. The exhaust gases pass through the perforated conical nozzle.
Now about the external design of the car and the cab. All devices external lighting and alarm systems, with the exception of the brake light, attached, installed on the racks separately from each other and do not extend beyond the dimensions of the car.
Special made also the instrument panel. It is formed by two elements: base closes the front part of the cabin together with the steering shaft, and block devices in the case of the oval form, mounted on the top slanted wall of the base. The latter resembles the box with edges beveled in the direction of the steering column to the periphery, which provides a more convenient entry and exit from the cabin. The panel color is black. For the allocation of the control devices on the flap has a stripe of Burgundy. In the same color painted all handles under the steering wheel.
Tests showed that the car has sufficient acceleration performance, stability and maneuverability, which is especially important when driving in the city. Maximum speed at full load was about 90 km/h.
E. RUDYK, candidate of technical Sciences

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