PLAYING BACK AT DIFFERENT SPEEDSAlmost two centuries have passed since the invention of the Bicycle. Since then, just who, where and how it didn’t “reinvent” and not improved. The result was a diverse array of pedal cars from a suitcase mini”bike” to multi-seat tandems, velomobiles to water and even air bikes, from utility to high-speed sports, from the simple to are equipped with computers.

And though the proverb — “do Not reinvent the wheel”, in General, is fair, because really it is not easy to bring something new and useful in a carefully developed and almost perfect design, and sometimes it will flicker in the mind-insight with a rational practical importance.
A few years ago in a magazine I read an article about a bike with a reverse rotation of the pedals. According to experts, such a rotation is more natural and effective… And this idea did not leave indifferent — based on it I did and even patented a few inventions. But they were all difficult to implement in the home, and the way to reverse the rotation over time, lost its edge. But not so long ago as a matter of I have a simple and reliable technical solution for this idea does not require a significant rework of the bike. But even this is not important. Study design showed that it will make road bike multi-speed, easy implementing switching speeds. And it meant something.
For the manufacture of construction with a road bike take the chain off and building up to 150 units. Leading to the big sprocket is welded on the inner side two additional with the number of the teeth 40 and 32 from the old children’s bicycles. With these stars from the top sequentially introduced into the clutch circuit, throw it-the driven sprockets of the rear wheel (the regular it is advisable to replace on a smaller number of teeth 14) and extra large (same as the regular host) that is pressed onto the ball bearing 80203. The bearing is mounted on the hard duplicera finger lever with a handle at the upper end. Lever arm made of two steel strip 30×4 mm section welded together. The lever can rotate around the bolt axis, fixed in the hole of the pen right rear of the plug. The upper end of the lever is fixed in one of three holes on the pin, rigidly mounted to the top tube of the frame.
Multi-speed bike with back pedalling
Multi-speed bike with a reverse rotation of the pedals:
1 — the frame of the bike; 2 — shoulder top duplicera lever (steel, strip 54×30); 3 — intermediate sprocket (z = 48 from a road bike); 4 — ball bearing 80203; 5 — finger (steel, round Ø17); 6 is a large sprocket (regular, z = 48); 7 — lower shoulder duplicera lever (steel, strip 30×40); 8 — bolt axle (bolt M8); 9 — sprocket driven (regular or z = 14); 10— rear fork of the Bicycle; 11 — the chain (t= 12,7, n segments = 150); 12 — pin (steel, Ø10 round); 13 — lever handle (rubber); 14 — foot rod; 15 — bottom bracket; 16 — the middle sprocket (z = 40, from a child’s Bicycle); 17 —small sprocket (z = 32 from the children’s bike)

To shift gears, the rider takes the lever handle, gently removes it to the right and raises up to make the chain out of engagement with one of the leading stars. Next, a small lever to the left (or right) has the chain on the right (one of three) leading asterisk and lowers the lever down. The chain is included in the top pairing with several teeth of the desired sprocket, the number of which is sufficient to transfer the torque. At the completion of the switching operation speed of the cyclist movement of the handle to the left again locks the lever on the pin, thus providing the necessary tension the chain and secure the actuator. Drill holes in the arm of better place, in three different positions of the drive chain (with meshing it with each drive sprocket).
Selecting in accordance to road conditions gear and rotating the pedals backward, the cyclist was moving, sure, go ahead. But slow down if you need to have, pressing on the forward pedal.
As seen above, the implementation is very unusual at first glance, the way reverse rotation of the pedal drive allows you to easily solve the urgent and difficult task of switching speeds on the block leading asterisks in the road bike, preserving the rear foot brake.

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