GUIDE — AUTOMATICIn school museums or at exhibitions of young artists in the role of a tour guide may carry a tape recorder. Explanatory text in advance is recorded on a magnetic tape. It remains only to choose the right place in the tape and the tape will tell about a particular exhibit. But here’s the problem: no experience to do it sometimes difficult.

A simple console to the recorder (Fig. 1) allows not only to avoid annoying the lining, but also to automate the demonstration of exposure.
In the tape it does not need any alterations. You only need in certain places for tape to stick strips of foil or apply the conductive layer. It consists of pasta, which includes glue BF-2 — 20%, the adhesive for bonding the tape to diacetate basis — 30%, bronze powder — 50%. The length of the contact layer is 50-70 mm.
When driving magnetic tape of the conductive layer at points A and B (Fig. 2) closes the circuit of relay coil R1. The contacts R1/1 close the supply circuit of the stepping I1, and the brush is shifted by one step. To one row of slats finder connect indicator light bulb to illuminate the exhibits, which are included in sequence when closing contacts A and B.
Fig. 1. Appearance automatic guide.
Fig. 1. The appearance automatic the guide.
If the number of exhibits exceeds the number of lamellae in a single row of stepping, use the following series of contacts, switching them with a relay.
When the brushes of the finder is moving into the 11th position, relay R2, which locks your contacts R2/1, and simultaneously switches the power supply circuit of the lamps L2—L12 and Л13— Л23. Then the cycle is repeated. The scheme returns to its original state switching the switch B1 to “Reset”.
If the device is assembled correctly, it starts working immediately after you enable it in the network. You should check that the conductive layer had no gaps, resulting in multiple triggering of the relay R1. It violates the synchronicity of the exhibits and narration. To increase the releasing time of relay R1 (necessary for smooth operation of the stepping), parallel to its winding include a capacitor C1 and a resistor R1.
Case console the size of 250X200X150 mm made of plastic.
In the scheme used the following items: 1 — step finder SHI-11 (PC3.250.014 SP), R1 — relay PCM-1 (Y. 171.81.37), P2 — РЭС6 (RF0.452.103), lamp: L1 to KM 24 IN X 105 mA, L2—Л23 — 13.5 V, 0.18 A; V1 —VZ — toggle TB2-1 and TP1-2.
Fig. 2. The concept of consoles.
Fig. 2. The concept of consoles.
Power transformer Tr 1 is used from the radio “Minsk-61”. But it has to be redesigned: instead of the step-up and filament winding to wrap the other three with the number of turns 240, 96 and 54 respectively for voltages of 60, 24 and 13.5 V (wire of PEL of 0.25).
As contacts A and B serve as movable and guide rollers from the tape recorder “TEMBR”. Indicator lights are connected to the console via a stab connector.
Such a device can be used for semi-automatic delivery of information recorded on the magnetic tape, and for help, advice on a particular subject. In this case, the recorder stops at the moment when the indicator lamp comes, the sequence number which corresponds to the selected text. The maximum number of options depends on the type of stepping.

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