SOCKET — WHERE IS THE LIGHTTo connect to network various electrical household appliances, machines in homes and apartments provided for the outlet. In the utility premises, outhouses and household buildings when posting back lighting outlet usually do not put. And this from the point of view of electrical and fire safety, in General, that’s right — there for them no supervision, there can be high humidity, etc., etc..

But happened to produce in these areas some work (repair, installation etc.) with the help of electric tool, connect it there. Not always there and a suitable cable is the right length for eyeliners there electricity. So it makes sense for this purpose for such a space in advance to make a special adapter, and even better — adapter extension cable. Both will power electrical appliances and power tools through the threaded cartridge designed for connection to the network lighting lamp bulbs with a screw base E27.
In the middle of the last century (50 — 60-ies of XX century) similar to destination device (although different design) was very popular in student dormitories, called “a crook”: the outlets in the rooms was not, and the Breakfast or dinner was cooked on the electric range (often improvised) that was strictly forbidden.
An integral part of the adapter extension cable is two-core electric cable brand PRS with a wire cross section of 1,5 mm2. Cable length — in his presence or needs. At one end of the cable is attached to the cartridge adapter, the other “double” (double sockets connected in parallel. Attaching wires to the devices is made in the manner provided in the design of the instrument, but in any case the ends of the wires are covered with Paluda using rosin (but in any case, no acid and no ammonia).
The bend
Adapter-extension cable:
1 — center pin cap (2 PCs); 2 — E27 base (from a blown lamp bulb, 2pcs); 3 — connecting bushing (brass); 4— threaded metal bushing cartridge; 5 — holder (Micarta, textolite); 6 — contact pad of the cartridge (ceramics); 7 — cover of the cartridge; 8 — insulating bushing (cut the vinyl tubing); 9 — housing; 10— Central contact wire; 11 — M3 screw contact pads for connecting the wire cable (2 PCs.); 12— safety rubber bushing; 13 — electric two-core cable brand PRS (cross-sectional area of copper wire 1.5 mm2); 14 — bolt M4 connection housings sockets “double” with nut and spring washer (2 PCs); 15 — a socket housing (2); 16 — M4 screw securing the cover of the socket housing (2); 17 — cover socket (2 PCs.) 18 — M3 screw for wire connection (4 PCs.); 19— a protective cover (cut motorcycle camera); 20 — wire cable; 21— copper wire-jumper wire cross-sectional area not less than 1 mm2; 22— nut M4 spring washer (2 PCs.)

Schema adapter extension cable
Diagram of the adapter extension cable:
1 — outlet twin 250 V, 6 A (2); 2 — copper jumper wire (cross-section 1 mm2,2); 3 — lead cable; 4 — pin block cartridge; 5— the Central contact of the adapter; 6 — Central contact wire adapter (copper, cross section 1 mm2); 7— side contact of the adapter (cap+sleeve+cap)

The cartridge is screwed up, then fixed it with epoxy glue transition element. He is a holder made of an electrically insulating material (Micarta, textolite), in which there is mounted a thin-walled metal sleeve, and the ends installed bases from burned-out incandescent bulbs in glass cylinders. The Central contacts of the lamp bases are connected by copper wire (cross-section not less than 1.5 mm2) passing through the axial hole in the holder. This Central contact is also drilled holes with a diameter of 1-1. 5 mm, they inserted the bare wire ends and soldered with tin and rosin on the outside. After this edge the ends of the pedestals soldered to the edges of the sleeve. Additionally, the median part of the sleeve is sealed with a vinyl tube that fits over at her.
For “double” ‘ll need two identical sockets 250 V, 6 A. Alterations they require. It is only necessary to produce the parallel connection of their contacts, and contacts one of them to connect the wires of the cable. Docking connectors “double” is made by the combination of bodies with two M4 screws through the holes intended for attachment of sockets to the wall (the escutcheon). For protection against accidental mechanical damage on the double tensioned rubber cover cut from an old motorcycle the camera.
1 — outlet cover (plastic); 2 housing sockets (ceramic, plastic); 3 — flange with boss (getinaks, PCB); 4 — bolt M4 (2 PCs); 5 — copper wire insulation with the cross-sectional area not less than 1.5 mm2 (L100); 6 — E27 base (the bulb filament); 7 — center pin socket; 8 — insulating sleeve (vinyl tube); 9 — nut M4 spring washer (2 PCs.); 10—M3 screw for wire connection (2 PCs); 11 — M3 screw securing the cover of the socket

For making adapter adapter first need to find a ready outlet, and the outer diameter of Micarta or textolite carve full detail of the flange with the boss. Boss will serve as a holder for the cap from the lighting of filament lamp (without glass cylinder).
In the flange at the threaded holes M4 in the socket housing is made of a pair of countersink holes with a diameter of 4.1 mm under the bolts securing it to the hull.
The boss also drilled two holes for the wire size not less than 1 mm2. One — axis diameter of 3 mm — go through the wire from the center pin; the other tangential diameter of 4 mm for a wire from the ground contact. The ends of the wires ladyatsya, as in the version of the adapter extension cable, and then soldered to the contacts of the cap and are connected to the contacts of the housing outlet. After that, the inner part of the cap is smeared with epoxy glue and it is placed on top of the boss. The flange boss is attached to the socket housing with two mounting bolts M4 and it is a regular screw cap attracted outlet. In conclusion, on the part of the lugs between the cap and the flange is tightened the insulating sleeve — cut vinyl tubing — and the unit is ready to work.
V. PETROV, S. fish, Krasnoyarsk Krai

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