AMURCHONOK PAVES THE FURROWOur magazine has repeatedly written about Krasnodar, Stavropol, Ural tractors, motologic, milling rippers, electrocore created in the circles of young technicians. These machines — good support and on the school grounds, and on experimental plots and in the field.

Amurchonok, which is described on these pages, built in the far East. Its author — the mechanic V. N. Lukyanenko — elected when creating a machine the most efficient way: the maximum used serial components and assemblies, arranging them in a sufficiently strong, tough, nimble and very modern on external forms of design.
The whole structure of microstructure (Fig. 1) was developed under the engine PD-10A complete with gearbox and clutch inclusions from decommissioned tractors DT-54A. Use the advanced gearbox from the car G AZ-51 allowed us to obtain eight front and two rear speeds.
Fig. 1. Microtracker Amurchonok
Fig. 1. Microtracker Amurchonok:
1 — the base of hydromancy; 2 — turn indicator and brake light; 3 — tank; 4 — lever control clutch; 5 brake pedal; 6 — shift lever; 7 — shield of devices; 8 — a Pitman arm; 9 — drive fan belt; 10 — turn indicator; 11 — tool box; 12 — rear axle; 13 — a gear shift; 14 — gear; 15 — pump GAS-93; 16 — generator DT-54A; 17 —reduction gearing; 18 — longitudinal steering rod; 19 — engine PD-10A; 20 — thrust gear; 21 — pedal reducer; 22 — pedal oil pump.
Fig. 2. The scheme of connection of power units

Fig. 2. The scheme of connection of power units:
1 — rear axle; 2 — flanges of the transmission and the rear axle; 3 — mounting bracket transmission; 4 — bracket reducer; 5 starter; 6 — solenoid / starter switch; 7— the engine PD-10A; 8 — magneto; 9 — a pulley of the fan; 10-clutch lever; 11 — reducing gear; 12 — right bracket reducer; 13 — the lever of inclusion of low transmission; 14 — chain; 15 — transmission; 16 — pump GAS-93.

The engine of the tractor has undergone a small alteration. Cylinder head cylinder clipped to the compression ratio has increased somewhat. Additional shaft is allowed to extend the shaft of speed control, thus ensuring the drive of the fan, pump and generator. For the convenience of starting the engine is the starter solenoid switch from car ZIL-130.
Operation of the control gear unchanged; the gear shift lever is deployed on 180° and connected with a thrust arm control. The drive to the transmission chain.
Cooling system — water. Forced circulation is ensured by the pump from the truck MAZ-200. Fan with bracket and base for bearings — self-made. The radiator from a mobile generator film projectors remade.
Frame (see Fig. 3) made of I-beams No. 10. Its the middle of the two welded cross-bar for fastening the steering column to the gearbox of the engine. Rear axle is fixed to the frame rigidly.
Suspension. Rear axle (Fig. 3) from the GAZ — 51 is shortened, as shown in the figure. Beam front axle (Fig. 4) self-made from tube Ø 36 mm.
Fig. 3. Mount the rear axle and gearbox to the frame
Fig. 3. Mount the rear axle and gearbox to the frame:
1 — levers of hydromancy; 2 — mounting bracket power cylinder; 3 — rear axle; 4 — flange; 5 — pump; 6 — sprocket driven transmission; 7 — mounting bracket transmission; 8, 11, 12 — mounting bracket reducer; 9 — frame; 10 — mounting brackets front axle; 13 — box transmission; 14 — rear axle; 15 — mounting bracket rear axle; 16 — power cylinder hydromancy. A diagram of the engine mounts

Fig. 4. Steering control scheme
Fig. 4. Steering control scheme:
1 — beam front axle; 2 — axle sleeve; 3 — knuckles; 4 — bushing axis; 5 — node of a movable mounting of the front axle; 6 — the steering mechanism; 7 — front wing; 8 — right swivel arm; 9 — axle; 10 — front wheel hub.

Brake hydraulic. Brake master cylinder and other braking components from the GAZ-51. Rear wheels from GAZ-51, front — seeders, they are size 4. 5X9.
Steering (see Fig. 4) consists of serial and improvised parts. So, the column is taken from GAZ-51, the longitudinal thrust from motorized С3А, and the steering wheel and lateral pull homemade.
Detail of facing of the tractor, as well as the gas tank made by yourself. Other parts were chosen from different production vehicles: the battery — from the ZIL-130, generator — DT-54A tank, the fuel pump from the boat motor “Moscow” and the silencer from IZH-56. Is on the “Amerchant” even the hydraulic drive: the hydraulic cylinder from the wheel harvester and pump GAS-93.
The tractor was designed and built in just a year. He became a reliable assistant when working in small areas where big machines to use irrational.

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