Go to Nizhneudinsk — said to me in the Irkutsk regional Committee of the Komsomol. — Where the station Director is an enthusiast of invention, teaches kids to experiment. We hold annual regional gathering of young technicians. Nijneudins it received second prize.

But first what?
Taishet House of pioneers. Discover the work of Nizhneudinsk and be sure to visit b Taishet. These two cities are close to each other — only three and a half hours by train.
— But, maybe, in their work, they overlap enough to visit one to understand what is going on in the other?
Nothing in common. Two completely different directions. But there is great progress.
In Irkutsk with the regional Committee of Komsomol and the regional Council of NTO set up a Committee of scientific and technical creativity. Among the many sections: scientists, students, etc. — there is in it, and so the young technicians. Lead the regional Committee of Komsomol instructed the instructor Elvira Nikolaevna Kokorina. She pointed me to two of the most “hot” points of the region.
We are quite able to deal with light guides, wave optics, bionics, says Nikolai Vasilievich Sheets, Director of the Nizhneudinsk station of young technicians.
So. No more, no less.
He says this with a confident tone, no doubt leaving that has a right and, most importantly, the ability to deal with the most difficult problems of modern science and technology.
And I imagine, how does this confidence in guys. They go for the Leaf crowd, because in all ages of people, especially the young, were drawn to those who know how to awaken and reveal their creative powers, able to bring on target than a more distant and alluring, all the more desirable.
Everyday life here is this: a small town, backwoods, Irkutsk region; from industrial enterprises — mica da furniture factory.
And here’s something rare for young technicians ‘ stations, even in big cities the desire to develop the areas of search, in which there are only a few scientists or inventors. Lucky Nizhneudinsk station of young technicians with the Director!
Sheets graduated in 1959 from the Kazan aviation Institute. He worked for several years as an engineer. Then pulled to his native place so he explains his trip to Nizhneudinsk. Moved — and for several years headed the station of young technicians.
Laser “UT-1” pioneer “firms”.
Nikolai himself a former model airplanes, it’s no wonder that this line of technical creativity was received at the station developed. Already in the first months of the mug guys have created models of the major sports classes: gliders, rezinomotornaya, Ty-dimensional, kordovye. Circle directs Leonid A. Mezentsev. Of the pupils he calls “latelyi” — as called for young modelers Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.
And from the very beginning, children acquire not only the ability to work with your hands, but also those skills of modern technical culture of thinking, without which no progress is unthinkable.
Director pleased with this outcome: regional competitions of aeromodellers the Nizhneudinsk station of young technicians for several years consistently wins prizes; and a member of the circle Oleg Nikiforov, who from the first days of school, is looking for an independent path, is a head of own design — the plane, whose wings are filled with light gas. How do I know, maybe in the near future he and razrabatyvat this hybrid of plane and airship.
There is also a ship circle, and design, where children made cards, micromatic. In short, the usual work stations of young technicians.
Unusual, perhaps, makes her a circle of young innovators and inventors, which is headed by the Director himself. The idea of organizing lessons in a new direction Sheets formulated as follows:
— Today’s students tomorrow will drive and develop the science to manage the technological and production processes. And this we must learn, we must prepare for this. And not only in big centers but also in small towns, which we have in the Soviet Union very much. Young people should know and be able to do immeasurable more than we do. And you need to learn now, now. Practical conclusion: today to introduce kids to world issues and ideas in science and technology present and future.
Your search nijneudins started… with lasers. As if just recently we have heard about the extraordinary properties of optical quantum generators, but now their use is impossible to imagine a whole field of science and technology.
That, and advised Nikolai Khvostov, Yura and Sasha Kiriyenko to make a model of the laser. The work took two years, and then the guys brought his camera to Moscow, at ENEA, where it was exhibited in the pavilion “Young technicians”. And anything that is ruby used a tinted liquid — the model was given a light flash.
A fascination with guys tapahtui? Because this technique many big scientists believe the transport of the future. Over millions of years of development, the nature, of course, be able to create some kind of a live wheel. However, in the process of evolutionary changes, living beings were “endowed” with their feet. And not by accident. Because the wheel requires a smooth road. And the legs will be held at the rocky mountain passes, and the Sands of deserts, and swamps swamps. Who knows what kind of soil is waiting for those who are destined to move “through the dusty paths of far planets”. One thing is clear: on the highway to not count. Therefore, it is necessary to design and study stopahmadi.
…April 1971. Moscow regional station of young technicians. Is the all-Union competition of models of space technology. A strange machine appears in front of the jury. Case on six legs topped by a transparent spherical cap. Underneath the driver Vladimir Paderin. The click is Volodya includes a toggle switch. The motor hum is gaining momentum, rustled four gear transmission, three pairs of legs of a lunar Rover “Baikal” slowly began to move. Born in Nizhneudinsk, he began his journey in Moscow.
The basic design was based on the walking mechanism, developed in the last century the great Russian mathematician Pafnuty Lvovich Tchebyshev. Did the car several people. Roofing Nepochatov fulfilled the role of the designer developed the look of the machine. And future driver Vladimir Paderin also worked a lot.
It was the first work in a new direction. Naturally, the principle has been known for about hundred years, I wanted to replace with something newer.
Interested in the article in a magazine about the invention of doctor of technical Sciences G. P. Katys, a great scientist, author of more than a hundred of inventions, head of the laboratory of the Institute of management problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences. It was about an unusual walking model, the design of which draws on his invention: a model to overcome the “gap” between the tables, climb on chairs to go with them. Report on the new principle of movement, using the patent of wildlife locomotive properties of caterpillars surveyor, was read at the third Symposium on control in outer space, held in Toulouse, France. Interest the report aroused great. This machine and decided to do guys.
George Petrovich, Katys visited the Central station of young technicians of the RSFSR and there was amazed to see his design executed in metal. The surprise of the inventor has further increased, when he learned that his idea was implemented by the guys from the distant Siberian town.
The scientist saw reality what previously existed only in his imagination. The six-metre aluminum beam on two tripods. Each of the legs can be rotated independently of the other. At the end of the beam is a transparent cabin. Operator Sasha Grigoriev — one of the creators of “George”, is the name of the car, wearing a helmet of the astronaut, suit, climbed into the cab and started the motor. And the machine, slow-stepping feet, moved along the layout of the lunar landscape.
Lunar Rover from Nizhneudinsk.
The lunar Rover from Nizhneudinsk.
That’s how can be: a small town, and very far from major industrial centers, and the guys in it was at the peak of modern scientific thought. Of course, these successes of the station would not have been possible without the active assistance of the Komsomol, who managed to attract to the work of the station enterprise city. Mica factory machines allocated; airport helps colors, material bars, rivets. On the machines of the locomotive depot was processing large parts.
Success is exciting, and the help and support give confidence in their abilities. Plans for the near future is extensive. Find the practical application of the laser, for example, for fast spectroscopic analysis of the substance. To create a research group of three ATVs new design. The name of the team is already invented: “Sayan”. Try to develop a battery the size of a matchbox so she could feed the engine electrosolar. Dreams, plans…
Perhaps for a full major sound can be on this finish. Alas, here are woven and minor notes. To keep silent about it means to palter. The fact that the station of young technicians not have its own premises. And it is very surprising. These outstanding successes have been achieved on some scraps of someone else’s territory. Yes, imagine. The circle of inventors and innovators is placed in the House of culture of mica factory. The remaining ones in other places. Long ago there is a question of room, but can not city organizations to resolve it. It’s about time. If in cramped conditions, the station has made great achievements, it is possible to imagine how it will unfold when she will find her own roof over her head.
In the great hall of Taishet of the House of pioneers, where along the walls stood machines, and in the middle was a parts snowmobiles, cars — lovely heart all homebrew “glands”, I met a low fair-haired gray-eyed man, relatively young.
It was the Director of Taishet station of young technicians, which was separated recently from the composition of the House of pioneers, Boris V. Pleshakov. The native of the Rostov region, he, on the Komsomol arrived at the construction site of the giant power plants of Siberia. The power of Siberian nature: huge rivers, vast forests, high mountains, and the industrial scale of this land conquered. Construction ran out, and Pleshakov stayed in Tayshet.
The small town is entirely of wooden houses. But it was here that Boris found himself. All his life he wanted to build a DIY car. It turned out, there are a lot of guys, dreaming about the same. And the head of the club Victor V. Ilyin was a reliable assistant. No rooms were available — helped the Komsomol. Now you can begin work.
On the track — the cars of young technicians
On the road — the cars of young technicians
And in the summer of 1970 a group of children on two home-made cars have made a rally Taishet — Baikal. The atmosphere in the campaign was in the army — discipline, mutual aid, revenue. The guys came back stronger and stronger.
Pleshakov realized his longtime dream. But it turned out that this is only the beginning, that the skill of his hands combined with responsiveness, warmth, kindness is very necessary to many residents of this small town.
At the request of one of the veterans of the war, the boys did manual motor-plow with a motor 5 HP chainsaw “Friendship”. The first design was unsuccessful; too bulky. The second was smaller, more compact. The plow can plow, Spud potatoes. You can remove the shield to put other agricultural tools. Horticultural testing of motor-plow were successful, working with it was tiring. The plow shown at the exhibition in Irkutsk, and tietzel won first prize.
School site — its mechanization.
School site — its mechanization.
Where plow, and mower out there. Also a car is needed, especially in Siberia with a complex terrain, where a lot of bumps and Valeron.
Another machine, machining heavy manual labor, snow processor. The same engine mounted on a sled, drives the turbine, which sucks in and knocks back the snow.
Following the direction of the group was born after a conversation with the hunters. People go into the forest, dragging on itself and weapons and equipment, and products. What the vehicle can deliver the required goods in the taiga? Snowmobile. The first design was hard; but the second, with the engine capacity of 26 HP from the fire pumps to be much more successful.
Dream we have such, — said Boris goodbye. — To come to Moscow by car, we are done. And continue to create machines to ease human labor.
Motor-plow: external view (left) and scheme
Motor-plow: external view (left) and scheme:
1 — wheel, 2 — reducer, 3 — jet, 4 — fan, 5 — frame, 6 — handle, 7 — share.

Two stations, located in the neighboring towns. Two Directors, two separate areas of work. One landmark is on the cutting edge of science and technology, focus on the future. Another decision today, “earthly” concerns. Both interesting, useful and fruitful. No wonder so appreciate the success of both stations in the Irkutsk regional Committee of Komsomol.
With the word “Siberia” has long been associated vast expanses, the harsh nature. In our days, it’s associated new concepts: center of scientific thought, the center of industry, energy. Of course, this novelty has a great influence on the psychology of the inhabitants of the region, especially children, and to a large extent its forms.
Soon near to these places will be the center, and along it there towns and cities. And could that be what Taishet and Nizhneudinsk station will be extensive edge centers of technical creativity of the young.
R. EFREMOV, one of our specials. Q. Irkutsk — Nizhneudinsk — Taishet

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