ATVS FOR EVERY SEASONBefore proceeding to the description of the snowmobile “Turtle-2”, will tell about the history of his birth. And it happened thanks to the ATV — the predecessor of the same name, only with index “1”.

He was a two-wheeled machine on low pressure tires with the engine D-8 capacity of 1.2 HP.
Pneumatics were manufactured from the cells of the UAZ-452 with a shell of fabric. Rear (master) pneumatic had eight transverse retaining rings made of rubberized tape with a thickness of 3 mm. Wheel tires (a more usual disks) collected from two aluminum bath basins, bonded with each other with bottoms using eight M6 bolts.
The frame of the ATV — duplex. But this design caused not so much by increasing the strength, as the width of the tires and the forks, and ease of manufacture.
ATV “Turtle-1” was created in the circle of velomototekhnika local station of young technicians (syt) in one of the winter-spring seasons in the middle of 1990-ies. And in the summer the car went together with the guys camping along the river Tobol, carrying on her two boys. In the final paragraph of the March on “Turtle-1” ride all the guys, not once. And soon all the grass in the valley and on the surrounding hills were flattened tires — so the guys were resting, and the machine worked.
At the beginning of the new academic year, in anticipation of winter, “butovtsy” offered to remake the ATV snowmobile and drawings developed a reconstruction.
ATV “Turtle-1”:
1 — front (control) pneumatic (camera from the wheel of the UAZ-452); 2 — disc front Pneumatics (aluminum bath basin, 2); 3 — rear wing (aluminum sheet s1); 4 — fork of the front wheel; 5 — bridge; 6 — the steering wheel control; 7 — gas tank (from moped); 8 — frame; 9 — seat; 10 — engine D-8 capacity of 1.2 HP; 11 — hind wing; 12 — rear tires; 13 — disc rear tires; 14 — sprocket driven; 15 — cross bandage; 16 — the second stage chain transmission; 17 — an intermediate shaft; 18 — the first stage of the chain transmission; 19 — floor (plywood s4, 2 PCs.)

Wheel-ski snowmobile
Wheel-ski snowmobile “Turtle-2”:
1 — ski (2); 2 — steering knuckle (2pcs); 3 — tie rod (2 PCs); 4 — steering shaft; 5 — rudder; 6 — tank; 7 — frame; 8 — engine D-8; 9 — wing Pneumatics (top view not shown); 10 — intermediate shaft; 11 —chain transfer; 12 — tires; 13 — drive wheel; 14 — transverse brace (belt s5, 8 PCs); 15 — driven sprocket; 16 — seat 17 — a longitudinal belt (conveyer belt s5); 18 — floor (plywood s6); 19 — cover system forced air cooling engine

Snowmobile frame
The frame of the snowmobile:
1 — spar (area 35×35, 2); 2 — cross member (tube Ø25); 3 — support bracket steering shaft (steel sheet s4); 4 — arcuate steering rack (pipe Ø18); 5 — bushing, steering knuckle ski (tube Ø30, 2); 6 — mount plate steering shaft (sheet s3); 7 — spacer (pipe Ø18); 8 — front seatpost rack (pipe Ø18); 9 — podstana front crossmember (pipe Ø18); 10 — under engine bracket (pipe Ø18); 11 —seat arc (pipe Ø18); 12— front seat back (pipe Ø18, 2); 13 — cross member of the seatback (sheet s2); 14 — plug Pneumatics (pipe Ø18); 15 — podstana rear cross member (tube Ø26)

In the autumn during our lessons “Turtle-1” has changed its appearance, purpose, and the index in the title.
Snowmobiling is so simple that one would like to call it snegokatov.
A leading pneumatic snowmobile was used from the Rover almost unchanged. Only it was added to the binding longitudinal strip and the cross replaced with thicker, and longitudinal — is also of 5-mm of the conveyor belt with protruding bolts.
The frame alteration suffered only front — fork guide here Pneumatics gave way to traverse with bushing for steering knuckle steering ski.
To improve the working conditions of the engine were equipped with forced air cooling with shaft driving gear clutch.
Part of the frame before the engine is closed by plywood, forming a platform for the feet. Seat with backrest is quite long, it can fit also the passenger.
Steering mechanism (fastener — M6 bolts and rivets, and positions not indicated)
The steering mechanism (fastener — M6 bolts and rivets, and positions not indicated):
1 — the tie rods (steel strip 20×3); 2 — knuckle (pipe Ø18); 3 — a Pitman arm (pipe Ø18); 4 — steering shaft (pipe Ø22); 5 — Bush (nylon, 2); 6 — axis of the knuckle; 7 — bracket fixing the steering shaft to the frame plate (steel strip 20×3); 8 — mount plate steering shaft to the frame; 9 — steering strut arched frame; 10 — half-step (plywood s6); 11 — the supporting base of the steering shaft (sheet s3); 12 — spring; 13 — coupling ski sock (tube has ø 14-ø); 14 — bracket splice ski with a turning fist (sheet s3); 15 — the basis of ski (plywood s8); 16 — undercut (dural area 20×10, 2); 17 — spar frame; 18 — axle steering knuckle (steel, lap 12); 19 — the sole of the ski (dural sheet s1); 20 — bushing knuckle (tube 16×4)

Leading pneumatic snowmobile
A leading pneumatic snowmobile:
1 — drive shaft; 2 — disc and the wheel rim (aluminum basin, 2); 3 — tire (of the wheel of the UAZ-452); 4 — shell tyres (fabric Teza); 5 — longitudinal belt (conveyor belt b = 300, s5); 6 — lateral belt (conveyor belt b = 40, s5, 8); 7 — mount brace (bolt М6х20, 24 PCs); 8 — spar frame (2 PCs.)

Drive shaft Pneumatics
Drive shaft Pneumatics:
1 — axle shaft (steel 45, range 40, 2); 2 — shaft (pipe Ø40×4); 3 — wheel; 4 — the flange of the wheel disk; 5 — fastening of the disc to the flange (bolt M6, 6 PCs); 6 — solitaire (8 PCs); 7 — flange mounting of the drive sprockets; 8 — driving sprocket (from a motorcycle “Minsk”); 9 — the bearing housing (2 PCs); 10 — the bearing № 203 (2 PCs.); 11 — spar frame

Intermediate shaft
Intermediate shaft:
1 — a large asterisk; 2 — shaft (pipe Ø30); 3 — small sprocket; 4 — tip-axle shaft (steel, 30 round, 2 pieces); 5 — the bearing housing (2); 6 — the bearing № 202 (2); 7 — frame spar (2 PCs)

By the way, the frame and allow the transmission instead of engine D-8 to install on a snowmobile motor W-50 and even a motorcycle “Minsk”.
Transmission snowmobile — chain, two-stage countershaft. Chain and sprocket is from a different scooter, but with the same pitch t = 15,875 mm.
Three winters in a row snowmobile “Turtle-2”, “eat” gasoline, and in gratitude Cathal children as “Sutovsky” and others.
Unfortunately, the machine itself and the drawings, it is not preserved, therefore the description is given its approximate dimensions. But for artists who want to create themselves like a snowmobile, I think they are not particularly needed. For them is much more important than the layout of components and structural diagram of the machine itself, which is understandable from the drawings.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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