Any Amateur ice-fishing dreams about the convenient and easy means of transport to quickly get to the coveted perch holes? In one of the rooms “Modeller-designer” I read about motorware construction. Ibragimova decided to build such a machine. The engine and the wheel set from scooter “Tourist”. When testing mateboer speeds up to 70 km/h on ice and dense crust, but on loose snow skidded. In addition, it was quite heavy: about 140 kg.

Had to redo it. Instead of wheels put to the track. The weight increased up to 160 kg, and the rate fell significantly — both on hard road and on loose snow. Involuntarily the question arose: and whether such a machine? To go two times a month for fishing? What to do if mateboer break somewhere in the woods, is to carry 160 kg of iron? The upshot was that I took apart his brainchild.
Last fall I decided to build a more portable machine, suitable for the urban dweller. And so was born the snowmobile “snowflake” with a Bicycle engine D-5. “Snowflake” easy to manage, consumes little fuel, does not require such a qualified service. For snowmobiles of the same weight would be required to install the engine capacity of not less than 10 l/s, consuming 8 times more than gasoline! Of course, when operating in the steppe zone or on large reservoirs snowmobile indispensable, but for fishermen “snowflake” is more convenient. By the way, the dimensions are much more compact.
Fig. 1. Microsight
Fig. 1. Microsight “snowflake” — the overall layout and details:
1 — the front (steering) ski 2 the front of the ski pylon, 3 — axis, 4 — fork (of Bicycle), 5 — right-side-ski, 6 — traverse side of the ski, 7 — reinforcing solitaire Central site, 8 — engine D-6 or D-5, 9 — gas knob, 10 — clutch lever, 11 — pendulum-plug, 12 — spring pendulum fork, 13 — fuel tank 14 — seat, 15 — back arc side of the ski, 16 — jumper, 17 — driving wheel with spikes, size 4X10 (the motor scooter “Vyatka”), 18 — rubber feet on the left side of the ski.

Engine “Snowflakes” is triggered by a cord (when you pressed the clutch), which is wound on a pulley Ø 60 mm mounted on the right side of the crankshaft together with the pinion Z-20, or the start of the course. Rear fork — swing, has a spring shock absorber with deflection limiter of ± 10 mm and ensures good adhesion of wheels with road. On the carb put a cone intake with a mesh that protects from water and snow. Silencer — homemade.
The wheel drive units 60, steel studs, riveted to the lid as shown in the figure. Brake drum and axle from scooter “Tourist”. Homemade sprocket engine has 8 teeth, counter shaft — 47. Chain — Cycling increments of 12.7 mm. the Engine is mounted directly on the pendulous fork, so the circuit is not subjected to variable loads and lasts longer.
Fig. 2. Microsight
Fig. 2. Microsight “Snowflake”:
A — installation of the engine on the pendulous fork, B — pendulum-plug In — same top, G — diagram in three dimensions.
Currently, instead of wheels from a “Tourist” I have an improvised metal, with 12 blades, which allows you to move and loose snow. Its made of steel ST-3 with a thickness of 3 mm. In November and March, i.e. during the movement of the first and last ice, you can use the wheel with spikes, and in the middle of winter, when the snow thickness increases, it is advisable to use a wheel with blades.
The frame of the vehicle is welded from half-inch steel pipe. Fork, handlebar and the front part taken off the bike. Saddle wood, with a foam cushion, covered with imitation leather. Skiing — from duralumin sheets 4 mm thick with longitudinal profiling (zhoukou). Pendulum fork welded from steel pipe 3/4″.
In case of serious breakage of the engine of the snowmobile is sufficient to pull the wheel for circular plug up and fasten with an emergency hook to the frame: “snowflake” is converted into an ordinary sled, which is very convenient and easy to pull the rope tied to the front of the ski.
V. STANTIN, Syzran

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