BOAT-TANKHow not to help the little Katya to see how the swimming fish! During boat rides with grandpa Victor on the lake it was peremeshivaete across the Board, trying to see underwater creatures.
Grandfather, fearing that the granddaughter accidentally fall into the water, asked her not to lean over the water. And promised that next time they will float no more on this, and on his boat, which he will do a special window, so that Katya could see him fish.

Victor D. Berezhnoy — a resident of the city of Valdai, in the Novgorod region. On the shores of lake Vysokogo in the country, it does have a homemade boat that he once welded from several sections of steel sheets with thickness 1 and 2 mm.

Structurally the boat is simple, and Victor D. spent only a few hours.
At first, he produced a cylindrical pontoons, and for this purpose welded sheet steel with a thickness of 1 mm, two pipes and covered them with the ends of the wooden disk, the mi-plugs. As the sealant used gustotertye paint, and the fastening — screws.

Then from the same sheet made and welded hull with rounded sides and sloping balneoclinic and transom. Bends ploschadka about balneoclinic and transom reinforced corner pads made of steel sheet 2 mm thick.

Connected the pontoons to the hull using six hoops of steel strips the section of 50×1 mm. the ends of the hoops, covering the pontoons, welded butt-welded directly to the body. Between the upper ends of the secondary (ukljucenih) wraps and body waril semicircular inserts made of sheet steel with a thickness of 1 mm.

These inserts later picked up by the screw nut M12, which are placed and secured by lock nuts ukljucene rods.

To the pontoons does not move, put them together with hoops welded several currents. Also, before you feed the top plugs drilled in the pontoons to hole with a diameter of 10 mm each to drain the water (by the way, a little water in the pontoons must be permanently, or wooden plugs will crack and lose integrity).

It should be noted that the contours of the boat was not that streamlined. But Victor Dmitrievich did not wanted to interfere. He had a simple craft that would slowly swim anywhere in the lake reeds and catch fish there.

In the middle of the hull was welded from the crossmember, steel, l-shaped profile, which after the descent of the boats into the water just put the jar (seat) — the Board cut section 120×15 mm. to Mount the canister to the crossmember was not to be able to move it, as not all households fit the distance from this segment to the rowlocks.

The boat comes with two makeshift oars. The blades they have dural, from a sheet thickness of 2 mm, the spindle— wood. Oarlocks made up of segments of steel tubes of diameter 16×1. 5 mm and welded to the handles of rods diameter 8 mm. With spindle oars oarlocks connected raskreplennye on both sides of the axis of the rod with a diameter of 5 mm.


The boat with the “aquarium” (not shown):

1 —Nakidka walnutmain (foam); 2 — wrap (steel, strip 50×1,6 PCs); 3,9 — pontoons (steel, sheet s1); 4 — ukljucenih stud (M12 stud. 2); 5 — transom “collar” (the conveyer belt); 6 carry handle boats; 7 — a belt (steel band 60×2); 8 — front (steel, strip 60×2,2); 10 — casing (steel, sheet s1); 11 —cross member (steel, sheet s2); 12 — walls of the “aquarium” (steel, Lis s1); 13 insert (steel, sheet s1, 2); 14 — drain hole of the pontoon (d10,2); 15 — the plug (wood, 4 pieces); 16 — a bolt M5 (8 PCs); 17,19 — bow and stern corner moulding (steel, sheet s2); 18 — a nut and lock nut M12 (4 PCs.)




1 — blade (aluminum, sheet s2); 2 — faith CIO (Teresina); 3 – gate (steel pipe 16×1,5): 4 – axle (steel bar d5): 5 – washer (4 PCs); 6 — shackle (steel, rod d8)

Tests have shown that easily keeps the boat on the water two adult men (the test was Victor Dmitrievich and his son Dmitry). That’s just the motion a wave gushed over balneoclinic or, in reverse, through the transom. Had to increase balneoclinic foam block can be attached to the body of the three elements of the steel strip section 60×2 mm: two uprights welded to the angled front plate of the housing, and a belt, the ends of which (valves) push the slit in the foam block is slightly bent and welded to the sides and the nasal hoops. The zone also serves as a kind of bumper that protects the foam from crushing in case of failed mooring.

In turn, the transom extended “collar” of the conveyor belt, attached with eight M5 bolts. Four Central bolts still hold the door handle designed for easy carrying boats.

This boat grandfather promised granddaughter to equip the window-“aquarium and offers s-IOM”. Fulfilling his promise, he made of sheet steel 1 mm thick, two l-shaped walls, welded of them a box without a bottom and peeled back the top edges to hurt my hands. Then cut out the aft bottom of the boat opening size 272×132 mm and wail in this box. Really the aquarium, looking in which, it is possible to see everything that is happening right under the boat. In Sunny weather, in water clearly distinguishable algae and floating among them fish.

Granddaughter Katya from the very beginning participated in the refurbishment of the boat. It was involved because I was showing grandpa what are the dimensions of the viewing window it would have made. And was looking forward to testing the “aquarium”, not forgetting, however, that to ask again, but do not drown the boat with a hole in it?

Of course, not drowned. Children’s own enthusiasm was so much that my grandfather never for a moment regretted the time spent.


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