BUGGY FROM KUDRINOBUGGY FROM KUDRINOAbout the craftsmen of the rural settlement of the Highlands of the Yaroslavl region, I had occasion to write more than once, and what a surprise it was that the reserves were not yet exhausted. With the local game warden Jevgenijs Picolinium relationship work immediately. It was felt that man can not sit idle. Every year, a new car, be it a tractor, ATV or buggy.

About the last of them will be discussed.
He did it naturally, not for himself but for his son to gain knowledge and experience not only in school, but the father.
The machine appearance is extremely simple, but still had to walk.
It was required to collect the necessary aggregates, which under the Soviet regime on the market in the afternoon with fire not to find.
And all that lying around in the junkyard or purchased from a neighbor (end-of-the microcar or “Eye”), it was necessary to restore and adapt for your design.
The view of the power unit. Reclining seat back provides convenient access to powertrain
The view of the power unit. Reclining seat back provides convenient access to powertrain
View of the power unit. Reclining seat back provides convenient access to powertrain
The base buggy is a power unit with an 18-horsepower engine forced cooling, borrowed from the wheelchair sidecar С3Д Serpukhov Degtyarev plant, with the only difference that it run used traditional motorcycle lever – kick starter.
The frame is welded from ordinary tap red ring of tubes. To it in addition to the power unit are mounted front and rear axles, steering, fuel tank, seat and other necessary components and parts.
The engine is mounted to the modified Motorama from motorized С3Д without shock absorbers.
Front axle and wheels are borrowed from the same sidecar С3Д without alteration.
Rear axle – homemade with gear from С3Д. Trinadcatiletnie wheels are used cars, and a homemade spring-loaded lever suspension.
Steering shaft with universal joints two-stage borrowed from the ZIL-130, shaft and column, of course, cropped. This is done with only one purpose – to position the driver seat in the middle of the machine.
The seat back for easy access to power unit mounted on the hinge and could lean forward to the steering wheel.

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