VIBRATION AND QUALITYThe denser the stack will be the builders of the concrete, the stronger will be the monolith. That is why in industrial and housing construction in the manufacture of precast concrete structures there is a need “compacted” cement mixture. At the Yaroslavl plant “Red lighthouse” for such purposes, developed an Electromechanical vibrator. In contrast to existing devices is not superficial, and deep submersible instrument: it can affect the entire thickness of the layer of concrete, compacting it well.

The unit consists of a three-phase th induction motor (output of 0.8 kW, 36), flexible shaft and vibromechanical. The torque from the motor shaft is transmitted to the spindle vibromechanical through a flexible shaft through a jaw clutch right hand rotation preventing shaft from rotating.
Fig. 3. Tamper:
1—, 2 — engine, 3 — switch, 4 — spindle, 5 — flexible shaft, 6 — fibrinogenic.

The working part of the unit — vibrocoring is a cylindrical closed housing Ø 76 mm, inside of which there is an imbalance. It is a planetary driven around in the conical surface of the core, at the expense of what there are transverse vibrations. The torque from the spindle is transmitted to the eccentric weight by means of elastic rubber-metal coupling.
Due to the simple design and the reduced voltage of electric current of the vibrator proved to be convenient, safe to operate construction machinery.

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