MILL GRAINDo not rush to dispose of old vacuum cleaner: the motor will serve to drive crusher — indispensable assistant in the preparation of feed for poultry and other domestic animals. The principle of operation of the devices is the same as the electric coffee grinder: swivel high speed metal plate — knife slices through the grain for as long as their value will not be less than the mesh size.

Based on the square sheet of plywood (10X300X300 mm) reinforced top motor so that the shaft went down by 35-40 mm. At its threaded shank with the bushing, washers m and nuts installed the operating element of the crusher — steel plate with a thickness of 1-1,5 mm, dimensions mm. 15X210 Axial bore in it must be fulfilled exactly in the middle of its length, and the edges on both sides of the axis — sharpened.
The working chamber of the crusher forms an annular housing with internal Ø 220 mm and height of 40 mm. It rolled from a metal strip with a length of 705 mm and a width of 60 mm Both edges of the ring are bent around the perimeter outwards, forming a flange width of 10 mm for fixing to the base and attach the sieve.
By selecting sieve mesh or perforated disks with different size of cells or holes, it is possible to obtain the required degree of grinding.
Fig. 1. General view of the crusher
Fig. 1. General view of the crusher:
1 — arm damper, 2 — bunker, 3 — motor housing, 4 — base, 5 — pot.

Fig. 2. Crushing chamber (bottom view)
Fig. 2. Crushing chamber (bottom view):
1 — base 2 — housing of the working chamber 3 — knife-plate, 4 — mesh.

Fig. 3. The crusher
Fig. 3. The crusher:
1 — damper, 2 — bunker, 3 — switch motor, 4 — motor housing, 5 — Bush, 6 — shaft, 7 — washer 8 — nut with spring washer, 9 — the knife-plate, 10 — base, 11 is the housing of the working chamber; 12 — tank 13 — elements of threaded mounting grid, 14 — curved strip, 15-mesh.

Grain fed from the hopper, is attached to the base through a small hole, the adjustable vane damper.
As a container to collect the crushed grain you can use any pot or tank of suitable size with an inner diameter of 260— 300 mm. For fixing the crusher quite on the lower side of the base to install three wooden pins, placed through 1200.
A. REZNIK, g. Pologi, Zaporozhye region.

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