In fact, the first word of the title should not be enclosed in quotation marks. Because the vehicle N. Katchko can waltz, that was demonstrated to the participants one of the programs of the Central television “you can.” On his “Sebane” Nicholas whirled to the music in the Studio, intricate curves. This is a truly unique maneuverability of the apparatus with the propeller, protected by the copyright certificate № 1039790.

“Ziban” really has a unique maneuverability. On the plane he is subject to an arbitrarily complex trajectory with turns the body in any direction with or without rotation. The feature of the device and that its direction does not coincide with the rotation of the propellers. As the latter can be applied to the wheel, skates, skis, floats, that is all that is the direction of least friction when interacting with the support surface — snow, ice, water, soil, Each vehicle has certain advantages depending on what the surface is. Wheels, of course, more suitable for driving on hard surfaces, skis — snow and so on.
Management “Sibalom” is very simple, much simpler than the usual car: no brakes or the gearbox. Where rejected by the steering Hoop, there is moving the car and without turning, and the speed is proportional to the deviation of the Hoop. When returning the helm to its original position the speed is reduced to zero. Brakes a car is not necessary, because the movement of inertia is very, very limited.
When turning the steering Hoop around the geometric center of the machine in any direction she repeats this movement. Combining deflection and steering, you can have “Ziban” move as you like, e.g. to spin, as if in a waltz.
Fig. 1. General view of the
Fig. 1. General view of the “Sabana”:
1 — shift lever, 2, 4 — command lever, 3 — tie wrap, 5 — container motor, 6 — place for batteries, 7 — driver seat, 8 — longitudinal strength member of the hull, 9 — step, 10 — tension wire, 11 is the body of the car.
All this happens at constant speed of the motor shaft, so managing them is only to handle the inclusion.
How does the propeller work? The electric motor through a pair of bevel gears rotates with a constant velocity (but in opposite directions) two vertical rotor mounted in the housing. If the command levers are in their original vertical position, the vehicle is at a standstill, since the points of intersection of the axes of rotation of the wheels, and hence the frogs coincide with the axes of the rotors, and the wheels roll on circles. From the rotors on the d-pad movement is transmitted cross-couplings: their guides combine rocker the stones and rotors and pads.
When you reject the command of the arms in one side of the eccentrics are moved in the opposite direction, the d-pad moves relative to the rotor (but rotates together with them) and through the rods with the levers, hinges and pulls turn the wheels. And so that the axis of rotation of the latter always intersect in a common point located on the rays of the rotors. The more the deflected rudder, the farther away these points from the axis of the rotors. The wheels begin to “rake”: the velocity vector V is decomposed into the velocity vectors VA movement of the machine itself and Vл of rotation of the wheels around the axis of the rotor.
In the ideal case, VA = Vл (the maximum angle between the vectors is 45°). For the mechanism shown in figure 2, this equality is unattainable. However, it is useful to estimate the maximum speed of “dancing” the car at a known frequency of rotation of the rotor and a known length of the beam. Thus the position of common points, the team asked the levers, determines the direction and rate of movement of the apparatus.
For the permanent contact of the wheels with the ground the rays of the rotors damped springs. They also have U-shaped cutouts, reinforced liners, planting them in the swing in the grooves of the hub. Deviation this sets the embedded segments. When the wheel is rolled, say, a stone, the beam of the rotor on which the eye sits, rotates relative to the rotor hub on the segments, and at the same time moves with them up the grooves of the hub. At the same time compressed a spring, cushioning the blow wheel on a rock.
Fig. 2. The concept of
Fig. 2. The concept of “dancing posture” of the car:
1 — tie wrap, 2 — the command levers, 3 — body, 4 — ball joints, 5 — wheel, 6 — common point of the axes of opposite wheels, 7 — line of the axes of the wheels 8, 11 — beams of the rotor, 9 — slip joint, 10 — core, 12 — hinge rotation of the wheel, 13 — rod, 14 — lever, 15 — a pair of bevel gears 16 motor, 17 is rotor, 18 is the cross coupling 19 — cross 20 — eccentric.
Fig. 3. Rotor construction
Fig. 3. The design of the rotor:
1 — body, 2 — power elements of the case, 3 pair of bevel gears 4 / command arm, 5 — housing, 6 — rod, 7 — slip joint, 8 — bottom of the rotor housing, 9 — spring, 10 — beam of the rotor, 11 — enhancing inserts, 12 — screws M8, 13 — segment, 14 — support pads, 15 — bottom of hub 16 — hub-17 — rocker stone, 18 — rivet, 19 — rod, 20 — lever, 21 cross coupling, 22 — cross, 23 — eccentric.
Finally, a bit about how you can still use the mover “dancing” car. If you combine it with skiing, “Ziban” will turn into a maneuverable all-terrain vehicle. The grip of the wheels-ski with the snow is great, great and the thrust of such propulsion.
It is possible that the Rover will have buoyancy due to the skis, then wheel-skis will provide traffic and on the water with a speed about 100 km/h.
High maneuverability “Sibuna” useful in the mechanization of loading and unloading in close, cluttered environments.
On the basis of “dancing” of the car can also develop new sports. What’s wrong with, say, motorized water Polo, soccer or figure skating?
N. KACHKO engineer

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