THE ROLE OF A PULLER - SCREWMet on the pages of “Model construction” describe the various mechanical instruments, including an improvised bit for the drill. I have been working with a power drill brand ИЭ1202 with similar nozzles and found that they are very comfortable.
However, their use must be removed from the shaft of the drill Chuck. Design it with the Morse taper is not designed for the frequent holding of such an operation. The cartridge has to pull on the shaft with significant force, and to remove it easier. While loose bearings and quickly worked the cone. Bad planted the cartridge can be a source of trouble.
That’s why I made the cartridge design is very simple improvement: screw-semnic. Now it can be easily removed and fits on the shaft of a drill and does not come off during operation. Of course, much increased, and the lifetime of the node.
In the center of the regular body of the cartridge (in the picture he is depicted seated on the shaft of the drill) on a fully diluted sponges drilled through hole. It freely includes screw, washer, nut and lock nut. Between the nut and the housing leaving a gap of 0.1—0.2 mm.
Easily removable cartridge.
Removable cartridge:
1 — shaft drill, 2 Chuck body, 3 — M6 screw, 4,5 — nut and locknut M6, 6 — washer, 7 — sponge cartridge, 8 — hold the tool.
When putting the cartridge on the shaft screw screw with a screwdriver on a fully diluted sponge — body is attracted to the shaft. When you perform a reverse operation of the screw first, “releases” cartridge, and then pushes it through the puck, working as a stripper.
No other modifications are required. The diameter of the center hole depends on the screw that matched the threads of the shaft (M6 for drill brand ИЭ1202). Especially convenient was the screw with cylindrical head and hexagonal recess under the socket wrench (GOST 11738-72), this option was introduced as an innovation proposal (certificate No. 0348 from 23.04.82).

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