EVEN THUNDERGODEVEN THUNDERGODOn the shore of the sea of Okhotsk, far from the regional center — the city of Magadan, located North of the village of Evensk. There are still no good roads, just on the outskirts of the tundra, hills. The main vehicle here ATVs, helicopters and planes.

And yet a self — made snowmobiles. Designs on low-pressure tires have proved themselves in Evensk. Residents of the Northern village used” snowmobiles all year round. They are indispensable for hunting, fishing…
1. A. Nikolaenko and his giant tricycle with an engine from the “Ural”
2. Vladimir Zinyakov (standing in center) and its fully enclosed ski wheels snowmobile
3. R. Salikhov and his four-wheeled buggy with the engine from the “IZH-the Planet”

But there are problems. If the engines from the scooters, for example, Tulitsa, scarce even in the Central part of the country, here in the North, in their afternoon with fire will not find. Northerners have to buy the bikes, remove their engines and use their snowmobiles.
It is difficult in our area to find a good construction materials. However, even the masters do and manage almost improvised to build the most incredible machine. About what kind of cars can be judged at least by these photos, which show with their ATVs our most famous designers.
S. KHALANSKIY, p. Evensk, Magadan region

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